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Annexes (continued)

(Section 3.1)
List of Sampling Units and Satellite Images

SUBREGION and LocationSample CodeAcquisitionPathRowOverlay of hist. imageSensor(blanck =MSS)Sub-CodeDATE d/m/yDATE2 d/m/ySupplier
SR 14 - West and West Sahelian Africa
Nigeria-N1408Recent1860520  6/1/87 Eosat
Nigeria-N Historic20005285BW 3/12/75 Edc
Nigeria-C1410Recent1870540  12/12/86 Eosat
Nigeria-C Historic20105490  9/1/76 Edc
Nigeria-N1407Recent1880520  17/11/86 Eosat
Nigeria-N Historic202052100  19/11/78 Edc
Nigeria-C1409Recent1900530  17/12/86 Eosat
Nigeria-C Historic204053100  7/12/75 Edc
Nigeria-S1403Recent1910550  18/12/84 Eosat
Nigeria-S Historic20505590  24/1/79 None
Togo-C1405Recent1930540  15/5/87 Eurimage
Togo-C Historic20705475  28/12/75 Edc
Upper Volta-S1406Recent1960520  6/12/90 Eurimage
Upper Volta-S Historic21005245 A7/11/75 Edc
Upper Volta-S Historic21105260 B14/11/72 Edc
Liberia-E1402Recent1980560TM 14/12/88 Rsc
Liberia-E Historic21305670  22/1/74 Edc
Guinea-E1404Recent2000540  28/12/88 Eurimage
Guinea-E Historic21505490  28/2/766/1/74Edc
Sierra Leone-S1401Recent2010550  19/12/88 Eurimage
Sierra Leone-S Historic216055100  7/1/74 Edc
SR 13 - East and East Sahelian Africa
Ethiopia-C1302Recent1660530  23/11/89 Eosat
Ethiopia-C Historic17905375  11/1/80 Eosat
Ethiopia-C1301Recent1670540  16/12/86 Eosat
Ethiopia-C Historic17905475  11/1/80 Eosat
Ethiopia-S1307Recent1680570  5/1/86 Eosat
Ethiopia-S Historic18005770  24/1/7625/12/72Edc
Ethiopia-S Historic18105740  31/12/78 Edc
Ethiopia-C1306Recent1710540  28/12/86 Eosat
Ethiopia-C Historic18305440  10/12/79 Eosat
Ethiopia-C Historic18405470  29/12/79 Eosat
Ethiopia-S1305Recent1710550  10/11/86 Eosat
Ethiopia-S Historic18305540BW 28/12/72 Edc
Ethiopia-S Historic18405565  23/12/75 Edc
Uganda-Equ1308Recent1710590  10/1/86 Eosat
Uganda-Equ Historic18305950  6/3/792/2/73Eosat
Uganda-Equ Historic18405950  29/1/74 Edc
Uganda-Equ1309Recent1720590  17/1/86 Eosat
Uganda-Equ Historic18405960  29/1/74 Edc
Uganda-Equ Historic18505960  24/12/75 Edc
Sudan-S1303Recent1730550  8/1/86 Eosat
Sudan-S Historic18605580  2/1/79 Eosat
Zaire/Uganda-Eq1304Recent1730600  29/5/88 Eosat
Zaire/Uganda-Eq Historic18506040  4/2/73 Edc
Zaire/Uganda-Eq Historic18606070  12/3/75 Edc
Sudan-S1310Recent1750560  22/1/86 Eosat
Sudan-S Historic18805695  9/12/75 Edc
SR 15 - Central Africa
Zaire-S1510Recent1720680  4/7/89 Nasa
Zaire-S Historic18406860 B20/7/79 Eosat
Zaire-S Historic18506850 A13/6/81 Nasa
Zaire-C1504Recent1730640  27/7/89 Nasa
Zaire-C Historic18506450 A28/6/73 Edc
Zaire-C Historic18606460 B4/7/79 Eosat
Zaire-S1508Recent1730670  25/6/89 Nasa
Zaire-S Historic18506750 A13/6/81 Nasa
Zaire-S Historic18606760 B22/7/79 Eosat
Zaire-S1506Recent1740650  16/6/89 Nasa
Zaire-S Historic18606550  4/7/79 Eosat
Zaire-S Historic18706570  5/7/79 Eosat
C.A.Rep-C1509Recent1760560  29/1/86 Eosat
C.A.Rep-C Historic189056100  16/12/72 Edc
Zaire-S1507Recent1760660  30/6/89 Nasa
Zaire-S Historic18906680  17/6/81 Nasa
Zaire-Eq1502Recent1770590  4/1/86 Eosat
Zaire-Eq Historic190059100  17/3/73 Edc
Zaire-C1505Recent1770640  5/6/89 Nasa
Zaire-C Historic19006495  6/7/81 Nasa
C.A.Rep-N1511Recent1800550TM 23/1/88 Eosat
C.A.Rep-N Historic19305575  14/12/75 Edc
C.A.Rep-S1512Recent1830560  1/1/87 Eosat
C.A.Rep-S Historic19605650 A28/1/73 Edc
C.A.Rep-S Historic19705650 B23/1/76 Edc
Cameroon-Eq1501Recent1860580TM 2/2/88 Eosat
Cameroon-Eq Historic20005875  1/2/73 Edc
Eq.Guinea-Eq1503Recent1860590TM 7/2/90 Eosat
Eq.Guinea-Eq Historic20005975  1/2/73 Edc
SR 16 - Southern Africa
Mozambique-N1601Recent1640710  13/8/89 Nasa
Mozambique-N Historic17607175  8/8/79 Eosat
Mozambique-N1610Recent1650690  16/7/88 Nasa
Mozambique-N Historic17706990  23/6/81 Nasa
Tanzania-S1604Recent1660670  8/6/89 Nasa
Tanzania-S Historic178067100  16/7/82 Nasa
Mozambique-S1606Recent1670760  17/5/87 Nasa
Mozambique-S Historic17907690  31/5/79 Eosat
Mozambique-N1608Recent1680710  17/6/87 Nasa
Mozambique-N Historic180071100  26/6/8115/6/78Nasa
Zambia-C1603Recent1710700  27/6/89 Nasa
Zambia-C Historic18307075  29/6/81 Nasa
Zambia-C Historic18407040    Nasa
Zambia-C1607Recent1740700  15/5/89 Nasa
Zambia-C Historic18607050    Nasa
Zambia-C Historic18707070  10/5/81 Nasa
Angola-S1605Recent1790710  3/6/89 Nasa
Angola-S Historic19207195  20/6/8115/2/73Nasa
Namibia-N1609Recent1790730  18/5/89 Nasa
Namibia-N Historic19207395  15/5/81 Nasa
Angola-N1602Recent1820670  11/8/89 Nasa
Angola-N Historic19506775  18/5/81 Nasa
Angola-N Historic19606730    Nasa
Angola-N1611Recent1780660  27/5/89 Nasa
Angola-N Historic191066100  19/6/81 Nasa
Angola-N1614Recent1790670  15/5/88 Nasa
Angola-N Historic192067100  15/5/81 Nasa
Zambia1612Recent1720690  2/6/89 Nasa
Zambia Historic18406945  30/6/81 Nasa
Zambia Historic18506965  13/6/81 Nasa
Mozambique-N1615Recent1660700  3/6/87 Nasa
Mozambique-N Historic178070100  23/7/79 Eosat
Zimbabwe1613Recent1690740  12/5/89 Nasa
Zimbabwe Historic181074100  22/5/81 Nasa
SR 31 - Central America
Belize-Mexico3101Recent0190480SPOT 15/2/9014/12/87Eosat
Belize-Mexico Historic020048100  14/11/80 Eosat
Nicaragua/Hondu3102Recent0160500  28/1/86 Eosat
Nicaragua/Hondu Historic01705070  24/1/79 Eosat
Nicaragua/Hondu3103Recent0150500TM 8/4/88 Eosat
Nicaragua/Hondu Historic01605070  1/4/78 Edc
Honduras3106Recent0170490  20/2/86 Eosat
Honduras Historic01804980  7/1/79 Eosat
Mexico-S3107Recent0240490  23/11/90 Eosat
Mexico-S Historic02504970  7/11/79 Eosat
Mexico-S3104Recent0220490  25/11/90 Eosat
Mexico-S Historic02304985  5/12/75 Edc
Mexico-N3105Recent0340390  19/6/89 Eosat
Mexico-N Historic034039100  3/6/83 Eosat
Mexico/Belize3109Recent0190470  20/11/90 Eosat
Mexico/Belize Historic020047100  1/2/78 Edc
Mexico-C3108Recent0270440  12/11/90 Eosat
Mexico-C Historic02804445  13/11/80 Eosat
Mexico-C Historic02804465  14/11/80 Edc
Guatemala/Elsal3110Recent0190500  14/12/87 Eosat
Guatemala/Elsal Historic020050100  5/2/79 Eosat
SR 35 - Brazil
Amazonas3501Recent2290640  25/7/91 Inpe
Amazonas Historic246064100BW 27/6/78 Inpe
Rondonia3502Recent2300690  3/6/8714/8/90Inpe
Rondonia Historic24706995  1/8/8017/6/75Edc
Mato Grosso3503Recent2260690  21/10/902/8/90Inpe
Mato Grosso Historic24306965BW 28/6/7912/9/73Edc
Mato Grosso Historic24206940  22/10/72 Edc
Amazonas3504Recent2300600  12/9/89 Inpe
Amazonas Historic247060100BW 6/10/76 Inpe
Mato Grosso3505Recent2270690  26/9/90 Inpe
Mato Grosso Historic24306940 B12/9/73 Ibama
Mato Grosso Historic24406970 A14/6/75 Edc
Mato Grosso3506Recent2280670  1/9/90 Inpe
Mato Grosso Historic24506785BW 30/6/79 Inpe
Mato Grosso3507Recent2250690  7/7/89 Inpe
Mato Grosso Historic24106955  5/8/73 Edc
Mato Grosso Historic24206955  22/10/72 Edc
Piaui3508Recent2190650TM 17/8/90 Inpe
Piaui Historic235065100  9/9/72 Edc
N-Coast3509Recent2220610  31/7/88 Inpe
N-Coast Historic23906160BW 6/8/81 Inpe
Marhanhao3510Recent2210630  11/11/8717/6/86Inpe
Marhanhao Historic23706380BW 31/7/75 Edc
Bahia3511Recent2170690TM 25/5/88 Inpe
Bahia Historic23306995  15/8/73 Edc
Piaui3512Recent2210660  15/8/90 Inpe
Piaui Historic23706690  1/8/73 Edc
Mato Grosso3513Recent2250700  11/8/90 Inpe
Mato Grosso Historic24107060  5/8/73 Edc
Mato Grosso Historic24207050  22/10/72 Edc
Minas Gerais3514Recent2180730TM 9/7/90 Inpe
Minas Gerais Historic23407395BW 29/7/73 Edc
Mato Grosso D.S3515Recent2250730  21/6/89 Inpe
Mato Grosso D.S Historic24107360  15/9/72 Edc
Mato Grosso D.S Historic24207340  15/3/73 Edc
Mato Grosso D.S3516Recent2260740  5/8/9019/11/89Inpe
Mato Grosso D.S Historic24207460  29/5/81 Eosat
Mato Grosso D.S Historic24307450  19/7/75 Edc
Santa Catarina3517Recent2200780TM 14/5/88 Inpe
Santa Catarina Historic23607895  16/7/81 Eosat
SR 34 - South America (excuded Brazil)
Suriname/Fr Guy3401Recent2280570TM 10/4/89 Inpe
Suriname/Fr Guy Historic245057100  31/10/76 Inpe
Bolivia-N3402Recent0020690TM 1/8/90 Inpe
Bolivia-N Historic00106985  4/8/77 Inpe
Peru-C3403Recent0060650TM 13/6/91 Inpe
Peru-C Historic00606580  4/10/75 Inpe
Peru-C3404Recent0070650TM 19/7/9025/8/89Eosat
Peru-C Historic00706580  24/8/76 Inpe
Colombia-S3405Recent0060600TM 11/9/89 Inpe
Colombia-S Historic00606085  23/1/77 Inpe
Bolivia-W3406Recent0020700TM 3/6/86 Inpe
Bolivia-W Historic00107090  4/8/77 Inpe
Peru-C3407Recent0070670TM 24/7/89 Eosat
Peru-C Historic00706780  23/7/77 Inpe
Venezuela-E3408Recent2330560TM 4/3/87 Eosat
Venezuela-E Historic25005670  11/2/79 Eosat
Venezuela-E Historic25105640  7/1/79 Eosat
Bolivia/Brazil3409Recent2290710TM 25/7/91 Inpe
Bolivia/Brazil Historic24607185  2/8/78 Inpe
Bolivia-S3410Recent2310730TM 25/7/91 Inpe
Bolivia-S Historic248073100  4/8/78 Inpe
Venezuela-E3411Recent0010550  25/4/86 Eosat
Venezuela-E Historic25105555 A29/8/79 Inpe
Venezuela-E Historic00105555 B31/12/76 Inpe
Colombia-S3412Recent0090580TM 7/8/89 Eosat
Colombia-S Historic009058100  1/2/76 Edc
Bolivia-C3413Recent2320700TM 8/7/89 Inpe
Bolivia-C Historic249070100  26/9/80 Inpe
SR 44 - South Asia
N-E Coast4401Recent1380450TM 27/11/89 Fsi
N-E Coast Historic14804580  5/12/75 Edc
N Himalays Bndy4402Recent1460390TM 8/5/8815/10/89Fsi
N Himalays Bndy Historic157039100  26/2/79 Eosat
South Extreme4403Recent1430540TM 26/2/8723/4/90Fsi
South Extreme Historic15405465  9/2/73 Edc
South Extreme Historic15305440  26/2/73 Edc
N-E Coast4404Recent1480440TM 19/10/90 Fsi
N-E Coast Historic159044100  4/11/76 Edc
N-E Bdr/S Bhutan4405Recent1370420TM 23/11/907/1/90Fsi
N-E Bdr/S Bhutan Historic14704285  8/2/77 Edc
Sth Himalaya4406Recent1490370TM 20/10/88 Fsi
Sth Himalaya Historic16003790  11/11/75 Edc
Nepal Border4407Recent1430410TM 17/11/90 Fsi
Nepal Border Historic15404170  17/12/79 Eosat
Nagaland4409Recent1350420TM 5/2/88 Fsi
Nagaland Historic14504290  6/12/81 Fsi
North Central4408Recent1450430TM 24/10/88 Fsi
North Central Historic15604390  1/11/76 Edc
Orissa4410Recent1420460TM 10/11/90 Fsi
Orissa Historic15204675  7/10/80 Fsi
Orissa Historic15304625  8/10/80 Fsi
SR 45 - South East Continental Asia
Vietnam-C4501Recent1260480  6/2/88 Local
Vietnam-C Historic13504880  26/2/73 Edc
Vietnam/Cambod.4502Recent1240510  10/2/89 Local
Vietnam/Cambod. Historic133051100  24/2/73 Edc
Vietnam4503Recent1240520  28/1/90 Local
Vietnam Historic133052100  31/1/76 Edc
Cambodia4504Recent1270510  5/2/91 Local
Cambodia Historic13605180  16/1/76 Edc
Thailand/Laos4505Recent1290480TM 18/11/91 Local
Thailand/Laos Historic13804850  18/1/76 Eosat
Thailand/Laos Historic13904860  19/1/76 Local
Thailand4506Recent1280490TM 17/4/91 Local
Thailand Historic13704965  17/1/76 Eosat
Thailand Historic13804940  18/1/76 Local
Laos South4507Recent1280470  29/3/90 Local
Laos/South Historic13704755 B7/10/79 Local
Laos South Historic13804755 A18/1/76 Edc
Thailand4508Recent1290540TM 4/3/90 Local
Thailand Historic13805465  1/3/73 Eosat
Thailand Historic13905440  2/3/73 Local
Vietnam/China4509Recent1260450  23/11/89 Local
Vietnam/China Historic13504570 A29/12/73 Edc
Vietnam/China Historic13604540 B29/12/75 Edc
Thailand/Myanmar4510Recent1300500TM 12/4/90 Local
Thailand/Myanmar Historic13905045  7/1/7331/1/77Eosat
Thailand/Myamnar Historic14005060  26/1/7318/2/79Eosat
SR 46 - South East Insular Asia
Irian Jaya-N4601Recent1050610TM 2/4/89 Eosat
Irian Jaya-N Historic11206170  18/11/73 Edc
Irian Jaya-N Historic11306140     
Sumatra-C4602Recent1270610  20/4/89 Lapan
Sumatra-C Historic13606195    None
Pap.N.Guinea-C4603Recent0990640    None
Pap.N.Guinea-C Historic106064100  19/8/72 Edc
Kalimantan-E4604Recent1170610  23/2/888/3/87Lapan
Kalimantan-E Historic12506175    None
Celebes-N4605Recent1140610  27/9/87 Lapan
Celebes-N Historic122061100  28/10/72 Edc
Sumatra-S4606Recent1250630  27/7/89 Lapan
Sumatra-S Historic13406395  13/6/73 Edc
Sumatra-N4607Recent1270590  20/4/89 Lapan
Sumatra-N Historic13605995    None
Philippines-S4608Recent1130550TM 25/12/90 Eosat
Philippines-S Historic121055100  6/2/76 Edc
Philippines-N4609Recent1160480TM 9/1/89 Eosat
Philippines-N Historic12504865  21/2/79 Eosat
Sumatra-S4610Recent1240630  1/5/89 Lapan
Sumatra-S Historic13306385  22/6/78 Edc

(Section 3.2.1)
Regional Workshops
Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations


BANGKOK 6–17 MAY 1991


Funding Agencies
Unit of Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (TCDC), United Nations Development Program

Implementing Agencies
Royal Forest Department of Thailand and FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (RAPA), within the framework of the Forest Resources Assessment 1990 Project, with the former also as host institution.

Seventeen national resource specialists from nine countries: India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam.

Royal Forest Department, Remote Sensing and Forest Mapping Division, Bangkok, Thailand.



  1. The Workshop underscored that FAO's classification of woody vegetation cover for the interpretation of high resolution satellite data is based on physiognomic aspects in order to assess the changes of forest area as well as the changes of forest density.
  2. The Workshop agreed that there is a need for having a common classification structure that would make the results produced in various countries compatible and would allow consistent synthesis at national. sub-regional, regional and global levels.
  3. The Workshop noted that it is necessary and appropriate for a country to reserve the freedom and flexibility to further sub-divide the proposed classes into more specific classes in order to meet the requirements at national level. Such further sub-division could include specific forest formations and floristic groups such as: coniferous and broadleaved forest; mangrove forest; bamboo forest; etc.
  4. The Workshop expressed a necessity to further consider the aspects of the possibility to differentiate with accuracy canopy density and height thresholds.
  5. The Workshop noted that there is possible confusion between the proposed physiognomic classes for image interpretation and the traditional classes (mainly based on ecological parameters) used by FAO when reviewing existing national forest statistics. The Workshop, therefore, suggested that separate terminology be applied in order to avoid such possible confusion.
  6. The Workshop supported the need expressed by FAO that each study carried out using the FAO methodology and classification be correlated by detailed documentation and comments of the interpreter regarding the classes identified and detailed comments on the estimated level of reliability of class delineation.
  7. The Workshop concluded that the proposed classification should be adopted, with the considerations expressed above, in this first run of deforestation and forest degradation studies in the framework of FAO Forest Resources Assessment 1990 Project. The experience and results deriving from such studies will allow to further review and improve the classification.

Interpretation Procedure

  1. The Workshop recommended that the interpretation of multi-date satellite data be carried out in an interdependent way as proposed by FAO Guideline under Procedure is the most appropriate for a consistent assessment of changes in forest area and quality.
  2. The Workshop emphasized the importance of background data such as topographic maps, land use maps, forest type maps, ecological maps, aerial photographs, etc. and field verification for a reliable interpretation of satellite data.

Data Processing

  1. The Workshop recommended that the results of the multi-date satellite interpretation be processed in the form of change matrix in order to allow a thorough analysis of the class to class changes in the areas studied.
  2. The Workshop considered the data processing procedure proposed by FAO, based on the use of dotgrid and subsequent entry of class codes in computerized spreadsheet files, simple and appropriate to process the interpretation results and produce class-to-class change matrices.

Other Issues

  1. The Workshop recommended that such TCDC cooperative action on the issue of forest resources monitoring in the Region be continued with special reference to the countries that could not participate at the present TCDC Workshop, e.g. Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Kampuchea, Bhutan, Brunei, Bangladesh, Fiji and other pacific islands countries.
  2. The Workshop recommended to establish a regional network between government agencies and other institutions to exchanges and disseminate the forest resources information on a continuing basis.


(first regional workshop)


Funding Agencies
United States Forest Service (USFS) of The United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Implementing Agencies
FAO Forest Resources Assessment 1990 Project was responsible for technical implementation and administration; the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP-GRID) was the host institution.

Eighteen national resource specialists from 9 countries: Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, Zaire, Zambia, Zimbabwe

UNEP/GRID Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya.


The workshop concluded that the methodology presented by the Project is appropriate and recommended its application for continuous forest monitoring studies.

The following aspects were discussed in detail:

A.Satellite image quality
C.Interdependent interpretation procedure
D.Data processing procedure

A. Satellite image quality. Background: The images for this workshop were obtained from a variety of sources. The processing was therefore done by several different methods, none of which were documented.

  1. Considering the above, the workshop recommended that the data should be produced following a standardized production process, which should be duly documented.
  2. The workshop recognized the need for the development of suitable enhancements and band combinations to allow the detection and delineation of woody vs non-woody vegetation types for all ecological conditions.
  3. The workshop considered that for the drier areas the standard processing level of satellite images may not meet the minimum acceptable requirements for visual delineation of woody vegetation and recommended that for such areas a more specific approach should be studied and identified.
  4. With regard to the drier areas, the workshop recommended that the timing of image acquisition be carefully considered, so that the date of acquisition coincide with the season when the undergrowth vegetation has dried, but the trees have not yet lost their leaves.
  5. With reference to the multi-date interdependent interpretation approach the workshop recommended that both images covering the same area be treated in a comparable way to render more consistent the analysis of changes.
  6. The workshop recommended that the two images covering a given area be printed at exactly the same scale in order to minimize the difficulties arising from different map projections.
  7. The workshop recommended that future assessments of forest change make use of other types of high resolution satellite data, as they become available.

B. Classification

  1. The workshop recognized the need for, and recommended the use of, a standard classification of woody vegetation based on physiognomic characteristics in order to allow consistent synthesis of survey results at national, sub-regional, regional and global levels. The workshop noted that it is necessary and appropriate for a country to reserve the freedom and flexibility to further subdivide the standard classes into more specific classes in order to meet the requirements at a national level. Such further subdivision, which must be structured in a consistent hierarchical fashion, could include specific forest formations and floristic groups.
  2. The workshop noted that the level of reliability in class delineation strongly depends on ground knowledge and the use of other reference data, such as aerial photographs.
  3. The workshop also noted that difficulties in class delineation depended on three main factors: The workshop emphasized that there is need for improvement in all three aspects listed above.
  4. The workshop recognized the need to relate the classification to the images, as specifically as possible, and recommended the development of a visual interpretation key for at least the main classes. From the workshop's experience with the variations in image quality, it is recommended that the key be based on texture and patterns, rather than image tone.

C. Interdependent interpretation procedure

  1. The workshop recommended the use of an interdependent interpretation approach in order to achieve a consistent assessment of changes in woody vegetation.
  2. The workshop noted that the interdependent interpretation approach optimizes the information available in the images, since the interpretation of each image benefits from the information available on the other image.
  3. The workshop stressed the importance of having corresponding images produced at the same scale in order to allow a complete and smooth application of the interdependent analysis procedure.

D. Data processing procedure

  1. The workshop recommended that the results of the multi-date satellite data interpretation be processed in the form of a change matrix in order to allow a site-specific analysis of the class-to-class changes in the areas studied.
  2. The workshop agreed that the processing procedure presented by FAO is simple and appropriate for processing the interpretation results, since it is based on equipment and software which is widely available.
  3. The workshop agreed that the processing programmes could be improved or modified as needed in future.

E. Other issues

  1. The workshop recommended that a standardized procedure be developed for accuracy assessment of the interpretation.
  2. The workshop recommended, in view of point B.2, that a standard ground truthing procedure be developed and that FAO allocate appropriate funding for the task.
  3. The workshop recommended that FAO continue to support the member countries in the monitoring of forest resources by:
    1. Continuing training activities and programs.
    2. Networking of regional and national institutions.
    3. Financial and material support such as purchase of satellite images and support of ground truthing activities.
    4. Promoting the implementation of continuous forest cover monitoring at global, regional and sub-regional levels.




Funding Agencies
United States Forest Service (USFS) of The United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.

Implementing Agencies
FAO Forest Resources Assessment 1990 Project was responsible for technical implementation and administration; the Institute of Geography of the National Autonomous University Of Mexico was the host institution.

Twenty one national resource specialists from ten countries:
Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Equador, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela.

Institute of Geography of the National Autonomous University Of Mexico, Mexico City.

(English Translation)

1 Regarding the quality of the imagery

The workshop recommends the inclusion of better quality images with less distortion for future assessments, preferably co-registered (historical to recent, or to a common geographical reference)

2 Regarding the classification

3 Regarding the interdependent interpretation method

4 Regarding the processing of the data

5 Practical recommendations for the workshop

6 General recommendations


(second regional workshop)


Funding Agencies
The European Community (EEC) and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

Implementing Agencies
FAO Forest Resources Assessment 1990 Project was responsible for technical implementation and administration; the National Office of Forest Development (ONADEF) was the host institution.

Twenty seven National resource specialists from twelve Central and West African countries:
Angola, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Guinée, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Zaire.

Ecole Nationale Superieure Polytechnique, Yaoundé, Cameroon.



Following the above conclusions, the participants have adopted the following recommendations:

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