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FAO technical papers


1 Guidelines for watershed management, 1977 (E* F)

2 Hydrological techniques for upstream conservation, 1976 (E* F*)

3 Conservation in arid and semi-arid zones, 1976 (Ar C E* F*)

4 Special readings in conservation, 1978 (C E* F S*)

5 Avalanche control, 1985 (E F)

6 Torrent control terminology, 1981 (E/F/S)

7 Environmental impact of forestry, 1982 (E S)

8 Management of upland watersheds: participation of the mountain communities, 1983 (E* F* S)

9 Operations manual for a protected area system, 1984 (E* F S)

10 Sand dune stabilization, shelterbelts and afforestation in dry zones, 1985 (C E)

11 Management of vicuña: its contribution to rural development in the High Andes of Peru, 1985 (E S)

12 Incentives for community involvement in conservation programmes, 1987 (C E F S*)

13/1 FAO watershed management field manual - Vegetative and soil treatment measures, 1985 (E F S)

13/2 FAO watershed management field manual - Gully control, 1986 (E*)

13/3 Watershed management field manual - Slope treatment measures and practices, 1988 (E F S)

13/4 FAO watershed management field manual - Landslide prevention measures, 1988 (E)

13/5 Watershed management field manual - Road design and construction in sensitive watersheds, 1989 (E F S)

13/6 Watershed management field manual - Watershed survey and planning, 1990 (E F S)

14 Strategies, approaches and systems in integrated watershed management, 1986 (E)

15 Brise-vent et rideaux abris avec reference particulière aux zones sèches, 1986 (F)

16 Guidelines for economic appraisal of watershed management projects, 1987 (E F S)

17 National parks planning: a manual with annotated examples, 1988 (Ar E F)

18 Manuel de fixation des dunes, 1988 (Ar F)

19 Non-timber uses of selected arid zone trees and shrubs in Africa, 1988 (E)

20 Arid zone forestry - A guide for field technicians, 1989 (Ar E F)

21 Role of forestry in combating desertification, 1989 (E F)

22 The management of crocodiles in captivity, 1989 (E F S)

23 Debt-for-nature swaps to promote natural resource conservation, 1993 (E F S)

24 Monitoring and evaluation of watershed management project achievements, 1995 (E S)

25 Wildlife utilization in Latin America, 1996 (E S)

26 Domestication and husbandry of the pace (Agouti pace), 1995 (E S)

27 Role of Acacia species in the rural economy of dry Africa and the Near East, 1995 (E F)

28/1 Computer-assisted watershed planning and management - Technologies for national planning, 1996 (E S)

29 Contrôle et utilisation du feu en zones arides et subhumides africaines, 1996 (F)

30 Income generation from non-wood forest products in upland conservation, 1996 (E)

31 L'élevage de l'aulacode (Thryonomys swinderianus), 1996 (F)

32 Aménagement des forêts naturelles des zones tropicales sèches, 1997 (F)

33 Wildlife and food security in Africa, 1997 (E)

Availability: December 1997

Ar - Arabic
C - Chinese
E - English
F - French
P - Portuguese
S - Spanish

Multil - Multilingual
*Out of print
**In preparation

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