Unasylva - Vol. 6, No. 2

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Vol. 6

June 1952

An international Review of Forestry and Forest Products


Planning a National Forest Inventory

A treatise on modern methods of taking a forest inventory, containing chapters on classification, mapmaking, aerial photography, sampling, etc. pp. viii + 88. Available in English or French; Spanish edition in preparation. Price $ 1.00.

Forest Policy, Law, and Administration

A thorough, lucid study of forest policy with reference to specific laws in various countries. Available in English or French. 211 pp. Price $ 2.00.

FAO Technical Committee on Wood Chemistry

The proceedings of the fifth meeting of the above Committee, held at Appleton, Wisconsin, USA, in September 1951, will shortly be published in the Forestry Studies Series. In the meantime, the series of papers on Tropical Woods as a Source of Pulp presented at the meeting has been reprinted in the April 1952 issue of TAPPI, which is published monthly in the U.S.A. by the Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry. In an introduction, Harry F. Lewis, Dean, The Institute of Paper Chemistry, says "One of the important issues facing those interested in expansion in the manufacture and use of pulp and paper on a world-wide scale is the source of the fibrous raw material from which to make first the pulp and then the paper. Certainly the wood resources of the United States, Canada, and the western half of Europe cannot support in any permanent way a greatly increased industry, and the enormous wood resources of the U.S.S.R. are not available. It becomes necessary, therefore, to locate currently unused fibrous materials (and) define the possibilities inherent in the two greatest available fibrous reservoirs - namely, the tropical woods and the agricultural residues... It will quickly become apparent that the problems of the forester and pulp manufacturer have not all been solved."

Other Forestry Studies

Two other forthcoming publications in FAO's Forestry Studies Series are Elements of Forest Fire Control, and Grazing and Forestry. Both of these deal with aspects of Forestry which are of worldwide importance, and the latter especially is of the greatest concern at present, when emphasis is being more and more laid on integrating the proper use of land to achieve the maximum output of wood and of industrial products.

These two important books are already in course of production and should appear within the next few months.

UNASYLVA is prepared by the Forestry Division, and published by FAO at the Organization's Headquarters in Rome. UNASYLVA is published in English, French and Spanish. In conformity with the established custom of FAO, all units of measurement used in UNASYLVA are given in the author's figures; conversions are added, where necessary, in parentheses. UNASYLVA may be obtained from the sales agents listed on the back cover. Annual subscription, US $ 2.50; 12s, Blvd; single copy, 65 cents; 3s 3d; rates are payable in local currencies when orders are placed through local sales agents. A full series of back numbers is still available.

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Table of Contents

Spreading knowledge

Jean Messines
Sand-dune fixation and afforestation in Libya

William A. Duerr and W. E. Bond
Private forest management in the American "Lower South"

M. van Bottenburg
The forest situation in Colombia

Åke Simonsson
Plans for the Austrian sawmill industry

Commodity report: European pitprop and pulpwood supplies

The work of FAO

Increased production of pulp and paper
FAO forestry mission for Chile
Subcommission on Mediterranean problems

Equipment news

News of the world

Fundamental science
Logging and engineering
Forest injuries and protection
Mensuration and surveying
Forest management
Forest products and their utilization
Forest policy


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