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Equipment news

Interest in the development of forest utilisation and woodworking industries is reflected in the continual demand for information on new equipment. FAO's Forestry Division collects such information and passes it, on request, to Member Governments. Some of the information collected is published here. FAO accepts no responsibility for the claims put forward by manufacturers.


LATIL TRACTOR TYPE TL. - A four wheel drive tractor with two series of speeds, for hauling and forest extraction work.

Specification: The tractor carries at the back a winch with traction power up to 5,000 kg. and automatic and retractable sprag anchor. Weight of tractor, approximately 4 tons. It is equipped with heavy tires suitable for all types of terrain. Tractor can climb gradients of up to 30 percent. Heavy oil motor, 65-85 h.p., direct injection.

S. A. LATIL, 8 Quai Galliéni, Suresnes Seine, France.


RELIANCE "DUAL PURPOSE" TRAILER. - A trailer for use with standard type truck equipment. It can be loaded on the truck for return trips if the truck frame is 20 ft. or longer, as seen in this illustration.

Specification: two-axle trailer with frame of high tensile steel; steering through ball-bearing fifth wheel; drawbar is compensating (or sliding) similar to the reach or pole on logging dolly; bunks are mounted on fish-plated sub-frame, which in turn is bolted to regular frame - both bunk and sub-frame are easily removed.

Length of frame, 20 ft.; depth, 9 in.; capacity of axles, 18,000 lb.; brakes (Westinghouse) 16 X 7 in. with ¾ in. lining; weight of trailer 7,600 lb. (approx.) with log bunk equipment on 10 X 22 tires. Axle loading: truck steering axle, 8,500 lb.; truck driving, 32,000 lb.; trailer front axle, 18,000 lb.; trailer rear axle, 18,000 lb.; total axle load, 76,500 lb.

Reliance Trailer & Truck Co. Inc., 2765 Sixteenth Street, San Francisco 3, California, U.S.A.


SLIDE FOR HAULING PULPWOOD. Removing pulpwood to central collecting dumps for loading can be a tedious operation. This slide permits easy hauling and can be loaded intact onto the carrier.

Specification: all sections of the slide are welded together, with runners made by splitting into two a 10 or 12-inch iron water pipe. With the exception of the standards it is constructed of 6-inch angle I-beams. "Platform" on which pulpwood is placed is raised 16 inches above the ground to allow slide to run over a stump without hindrance. Uprights or standards are of thick, strong, drill stem pipe to prevent risk of bending. They are hollow, so that billets can be inserted in the tops and the height of load increased considerably. Average load: two standard cords of 5 ft. bolts.

U. S. Forest Service, Southern Forest Experiment Station, Crossett, Arkansas, U.S.A.


P. C. L. "TIMBER WOLF". - This machine is the first straddle carrier to be in production in Europe. It has deep section side members and main framework of welded ship-quality steel plate; open construction of frame gives maximum visibility of load books.

Specification: load hooks are 6 X 6 in. steel angles, 7 ft. 6 in. long attached at either end to vertical steel tubes. Power unit: Perkins P. 61, 6 cylinder 4 stroke industrial diesel engine; heavy duty gear box with six speeds - 3 forward and 3 reverse with single lever remote control selection. Steering: at maximum lock inside turning radius is 9 ft. Lifting control unit: comprises combined clutch, reversing gear and clamping brake and is controlled by the driver with a single lever.

Pest Control Ltd., Bourn, Cambridge, England.


STAFFA 2/3 TON MOBILE CRANE. Completely mechanical crane specially constructed to reduce maintenance to a minimum, and to ensure that where maintenance is inevitable it will be of a simple mechanical nature.

Specification: Hydraulic ram for raising and lowering the jib, the hoisting mechanism comprising a fan-cooled worm reduction gear upon which is mounted the grooved drum conveying 65 ft. of 5/8 in. diameter wire rope. Crane is powered by a Newage/Austin industrial petrol engine developing 15 b.h.p. at 1,800 r.p.m.; four speeds forward and one reverse. Twin front wheels and rear steering wheels are fitted with 26X6 pneumatic tires. Chassis is fitted with a front bumper plate to give maximum protection to tires and wheels and also to push loads or vehicles if required.

Chamberlain Industries Ltd., Staffa Works, Leyton, London, E. 10, England.


HAYTER ROTARY GRASS CUTTER. A machine for cutting grass and weeds on parklands and open plantations. Because of its low overall height of 18 in. and offset, it can cut right up to the tree trunks without risk of damage. Cutting width of single machine is over 6 ft. and cutting height is adjustable up to 6 in. A special coupling is available enabling two machines to be worked together, giving a cutting width of about 13 ft. Each machine has independent vertical movement so as to work efficiently on rough ground. A flexible wing is also available which can be quickly attached to either side of a single machine, giving an additional cutting width of about 2 ft.

Hayters Limited, Spellbrook, Bishop's Stortford, Herts., England.



Several firms build boats specially suited to the conditions under which they are expected to operate. There is no rigid model pattern. Illustrated are a 28 ft. boat designed for towing logs downstream under turbulent water conditions, and a 15 ft. boom boat for moving logs within a storage basin.

John Manly Ltd., Commercial Steel Boat Building, P. 0. Box 591, New Westminster B. C., Canada.


LIGHTWEIGHT SCALING LADDER. "Duralumin" ladder designed at the Forestry School, Nancy, to allow seed collection and tree pruning without causing injury to the tree trunk.

Specification: composed of aluminum sections 3 meters long fitting into one another and attached firmly to the tree by chains which are fixed while ascending. Elasticity of the metal allows the ladder to follow the irregularities of the tree trunk while remaining safely rigid. Operator is secured, depending on tree trunk dimensions, either by a cord round the trunk or a chain from his belt to the upper rungs while the next section is put in place. Weight of 3-meter section - 4.6 kg.; maximum vertical load in center of rung 150 kg.

BEGA Constructors, 54 Avenue du XXe Corps, Nancy, France.


RIPPER TYPE PULPHOOK - A very light ripping stroke is used to sink the hook into the block, usually catching just over the top of the stick from the worker, thus giving it a better chance to hook, Due to the light blow needed, there is practically no danger of it missing and causing injury to the operator's knee or leg, thus considerably reducing pulphook accidents. Any regular type pulphook can be converted into a ripper by a blacksmith using this sketch as a pattern.

Specifications: Overall length 13 in.; width of blade at widest point ¾ in.

Canadian Pulp and Paper Association, Woodlands Section, 2280 Sun Life Building, Montreal 2, Canada.


ONE-HALF TO ONE TON SLIP-ON TANKER AND TRAILER UNIT. - A pilot model mounted on a jeep which can be used either as a 3-unit equipment box or, by mounting a pump and reel frame on top, can be made into a slip-on tanker.

Specification: The box or tank consists of 3 water-tight compartments with hinged lids and baffle plates. Two tank heights are available, 17 ½ in. and 21 in. with capacities of 160 and 200 gallons respectively. When either of the side compartments are not used for water, they can become tool or equipment boxes. All three compartments are connected by removable plugs and are treated for rust prevention. Overall width, 47 in. on each side; tanker can be mounted in four different positions on a 'It ton truck bed. Pump is a positive displacement gear type, rated at 18 gallons per minute at a pressure of 250 lb. per sq. in. Engine is air cooled, four stroke, 6 h.p. at 2,700 r.p.m. Total weight of engine and pump unit, 96 lb.; reel capacity, 200 ft. of I in. cotton jacketed, rubber lined, or ¾ in. high pressure rubber hose.


The trailer is intended for off-road use, being designed for towing by truck or by tractor. It is low-built so as to act as a sled in crossing rough ground.

Specification: Load capacity, 2 tons; capacity of trailer tank 100 U. S. gallons. The pump is four stage centrifugal with an output of 20 gallons per minute at 400 lb. per sq. in. or 90 gallons per minute at 100 lb. per sq. in. The slip-on tanker is one of the many units constructed for use with the trailer. Larger water tanks without pumps, lubrication units for servicing tractors on the fire line and tanks with different pumps have also been designed to fit the trailer.

U. S. Forest Service, Arcadia Equipment Development Center, Arcadia, California, U.S.A.


HEDDEN METAL DETECTOR, MODEL DC-H. - Metal embedded in logs is the sawmiller's nightmare. This instrument carried the length of a log indicates the presence of metal on a meter under a sensitivity line on the detecting head. Battery life approximately 200 hours; all parts, including batteries, are standard radio equipment.

Specification: Weight, including batteries, 11 lb.; length, 30 in.; overall height, 8½ in.; width of detachable detecting-head, 13 in. Rugged plywood construction.

Hedden Metal Detectors, 2329 Liberty Avenue, Pittsburgh 1, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.


TYSON PATENT SELF-LOADING AND EJECTING WOOD TURNING LATHE. Base is of cast iron heavily ribbed to resist vibration. Steel Carriage supporting the work head and tail-stock gives lighter and more easily operated trunnion than usual cast iron slide. Trunnion has independent 3-speed motor. Cutter headstock is rigidly fixed to the base casting; spindle, mounted in special ball bearings, runs at 7,000 r.p.m. With this high speed it is possible to use small solid steel cutter beads. The cutter and spindle may be detached quickly as a complete unit, and thus a quick change-over to a new operation is achieved by having pre-set cutter heads ready for the following batch of components. A 5 h.p. motor drives the cutter spindle through Vee ropes, adjustment being provided for tightening the ropes. Large work tray gives ample space for blocks and is convenient for loading the machine.

Operation is simple: a rough block is placed against a positioning device on the work tray and carriage moved towards the cutterhead (working stroke) against a pre-set stop which gives the correct diameter; carriage is then drawn back (return stroke). Principal feature of the machine is that the tailstock spindle is instantaneous self-loading and ejecting; mid-way on return stroke spindle retracts and ejects finished component into a chute and at the end of the stroke spindle snaps on to new block and is thus automatically reloaded. Work-head spindle always stops dead at same position so that flat articles may be picked up, and does not start revolving again until the wood block is away from the loading tray. Machine can produce a handle 3/4 in. diameter 7½ in. long at rate of 30 per minute. Capacity of machine is 4 in. diameter, 12 in. length but machines to handle longer material are made to order. An ovalling attachment is available as an extra for hammer shafts.

British Industrial Designers, Cavendish Chambers, Keighley, Yorks, England.


MASTER ELECTRIC PORTABLE 6 ¼ in. CIRCULAR SAW. - This saw is equipped with a 6¼ in. blade which allows for cutting through 2 in. stock at 45° angle. The ¾ h.p. motor, with lightweigth aluminum housing is situated at the left of the blade for Perfect balance and easier cutting. The saw has built-in bevel and depth adjustment, easily adjusted and remaining accurate. A plastic window in the guard allows operator to see the line of cut at all times in safety. Adjustable rip fence extends to 8 in. for precision ripping. Safety trigger switch in the handle cuts off motor when the operator's finger is removed from the switch. Lower safety guard covers the blade at all times and cannot become clogged with sawdust. The "Master" has large, self-lubricating, heat-treated, alloy steel motor shaft and drive gears.

Master-Taper Co., 4531 N. Beacon Street, Chicago 40, Illinois, U.S.A.


VIRVOLT INDUSTRIAL TRUCK. - This truck has a combined steering and control wheel with a motor which turns on a control turret with vertical axis. Rotation on the spot enables the operator to change direction at will. Three models are manufactured: V 35, work load 2,205 lb.; 1 speed, 2 to 3 ½ m.p.h.; 2 speeds, 3 ½ to 7 m.p.h.: V 80, work load 4,410 lb.; 1 speed, 2 to 3 ½ m.p.h.; 2 speeds, 3 ½ to 7 m.p.h.: V 150, work load 6,615 lb.; speed, 3 ¾ to 10 ½ m.p.h. Each model can be supplied with a tipping hopper, drop-side hopper, elevated hopper, platform with movable angle bracket, rising platform, wagon with fixed or large platform.

Virvolt, 15 rue Galvani, Paris.

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