Report of the Conference of FAO

Third Session

Geneva, Switzerland, 25 August - 11 September 1947

Table of Contents

I. Food and agriculture organization of the United Nations

II. Introduction

III. Officers of the third session of the conference

IV. Actions by the conference

A. General actions by the conference

Admission of observers
Admission of new members
Proposed agreement between FAO and WHO
Approval of commission reports
Election of the council
Election of the chairman of the council
Appointment of the director-general

B. Resolutions adopted by the conference

1. General recommendation
2. World food and agriculture situation

a) Shortage of exchange
b) Optimum utilization of food
c) International allocations
d) World food proposals
e) Fertilizers
f) Agricultural machinery
g) Periodic reports

3. Technical activities

a) Agriculture
b) Nutrition
c) Fisheries
d) Forestry and forest products
e) Economics, marketing, and statistics
f) World Census 1950
g) Rural welfare

4. Constitutional, administrative, and financial questions

a) Diplomatic privileges and immunities
b) Relations with ICEF
c) Relations with United Nations
d) Relations with specialized agencies
e) Relations with international nongovernmental organizations
f) Regional offices
g) Accounts of the organization
h) Payment of contributions
i) Scale of contributions
j) Currency of contributions
k) Supplementary budget estimates
l) Staff salaries
m) Contingencies
n) Adoption of the budget
o) Report of the committee on financial control
p) Permanent site

C. Amendments

Amendments to the constitution of FAO

V. Commission reports

A. Report to the conference by commission I (world food and agriculture situation)

Item 1 of agenda - The world food crisis
Item 2 of agenda - Shortage of exchange
Item 3 of agenda - Optimum utilization of food
Item 4 of agenda - International allocations
Item 5 of agenda - World food proposals
Item 6 of agenda - Fertilizers and agricultural machinery
Item 7 of agenda - Action on particular products
Item 8 of agenda - Periodic reports

B. Report to the conference by commission II (Technical Activities)

Item 1 of agenda - Agriculture
Item 2 of agenda - Nutrition
Item 3 of agenda - Fisheries
Item 4 of agenda - Forestry and forest products
Item 5 of agenda - Economics, marketing, and statistics
Item 6 of agenda - World census 1950
Item 7 of agenda - Rural welfare

C. Report to the conference by commission III (constitutional, administrative, and financial questions)

Item 1 of agenda - Organization of the commission
Item 2 of agenda - Diplomatic privileges and immunities
Item 3 of agenda - Relations with other organizations
Item 4 of agenda - Regional offices
Item 5 of agenda - Finance
Item 6 of agenda - Site of the permanent headquarters of FAO
Item 7 of agenda - Report of preparatory commission (chapter VII) and amendments to the constitution and rules of procedure

VI. Appendices

A. Delegates and observers attending the third session of the conference
B. Amendments to rules and regulations

Amendments to the rules of procedure
Amendments to the financial regulations

C. Budget for the third financial year (1948)
D. Audited accounts of FAO
E. Agreement between the International Labour Organisation and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations