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This volume of studies from the World Animal Review contains the articles published on animal breeding in the first twenty issues of the journal, presenting the experience and the results of work of animal breeders and geneticists from 16 countries. Although the principal focus of the articles is on animal breeding in the developing areas of the world, information from developed countries is also included.

The text of this volume has been organized in four parts. The first deals with the more general problems of artificial insemination, embryo transfers and utilization of animal gene resources, and includes an article on new facets of animal breeding research in the United States. The second contains all the articles on dairy cattle breeding in the tropics, with special emphasis on crossbreeding. The third is devoted to the breeding of beef cattle, and the last contains material on sheep and alpaca breeding.

This publication is designed to provide a ready and easy reference to animal breeders and geneticists concerned with the improvement of milk and meat production, particularly in the warmer areas of the world. But it will also be of value to other technical and scientific personnel in government departments, research institutes, universities and training centres as well as to the large number of people concerned with livestock development in both developed and developing countries. The articles do not provide panaceas to the problem of animal breeding; however, it is hoped that they may stimulate critical interest, new trends of thought, constructive discussion and positive action.

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G.R. DuncansonThe Kenya National Artificial Insemination Service (16)
A. Bane and C.A. HultnäsArtificial insemination of cattle in developing countries (9)
K.N. Bedirian, E.B. Burnside,The commercial application of embryo transfer in domestic animals (13)
H. Kanagawa AND J. WiltonUtilizing animal gene resources (18)
U.B. LindströmNew facets of animal breeding research in the United States (18)
R.L. Willham 
U.B. LindströmMilk recording in developing countries (19)
I.L. MasonMaintaining crossbred populations of dairy cattle in the tropics (11)
V. Buvanendran AND P. MahadevanCrossbreeding for milk production in Sri Lanka (15)
R.H. HaymanThe development of the Australian Milking Zebu (11)
K. Meyn AND J.V. WilkinsBreeding for milk in Kenya, with particular reference to the Sahiwal Stud (11)
K.E. Wellington and P. MahadevanDevelopment of the Jamaica Hope breed of dairy cattle (15)
R.H. AnsellMaintaining European dairy cattle in the Near East (20)
Ove MadsenRed Danish cattle in the tropics (19)
Lucia Pearson de VaccaroDairy cattle breeding in tropical South America (12)
H.G. TurnerThe tropical adaptation of beef cattle (13)
B. VissacUsing large muscular breeds to improve world beef production (19)
J.C.M. Trail and T.W. RennieBotswana: Performance testing of beef cattle (14)
M.J. CreekThe Kenya feedlot project (3)
Helen Newton TurnerSome aspects of sheep breeding in the tropics (10)
Michael WelhamCrossbreeding sheep for milk and meat in a Mediterranean environment (19)
Saúl Fernández-BacaAlpaca raising in the High Andes (14)

Note: The number in brackets refers to the issue of World Animal Review in which the article originally appeared.