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Annex 1: Epidemiological Field Kit

Sampling Kit:

Vacutainers (100)

Microscope slides (1 box)

Vacutainer needles (100)

Cold box and coolant

Serum transport containers (100)

Transfer pipettes (20)

Bijou bottles (50)

Transport media (100 ml)

Formalin (100 ml)

Whirl packs or sealable plastic bags (100)

Cotton swabs (100)

10 cc syringe w/18 ga needles (5)

scapels or razor blades (10)

post-mortem knife (1)

plastic gloves (10)




Geographic Positioning System


The cold box and coolant often present logistical challenges in remote areas. It is best to carry them and refresh the ice when feasible. However, the availability of coolant should not be allowed to restrict the range of the disease search and investigation.

Sera can be separated from clotted whole blood by allowing the tubes to stand undisturbed over night and carefully aspirating the clear serum from the top. Alternatively, some form of portable centrifuge can be used.

For most purposes, clean but not sterile sampling materials are sufficient. Most new plastic materials and swabs are virtually sterile in their original unbroken packing material. Sampling materials should be packed so as to remain dust free in the field.

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