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List of case studies (available on CD-ROM)

(available on CD-ROM)

Optimizing soil fertility and plant nutrition to prevent groundwater pollution. Austria.

Peter Cepuder, Volker aus der Schmitten

Inter-relationships between agriculture and hydrology in lowland areas. The case of the Angura watershed. Burkina Faso.

C. Cudennec, Y. Sinaré, Daurensan

Impact of upstream irrigation dams on surface hydrology. The case of the Yvel watershed. France.

C. Cudennec, M. Sarraza

Can participatory land use planning at community level in the highlands of northern Thailand use GIS as a communication tool?

Oliver Puginier

Agricultural practices and water quality in Saskatchewan, Canada: a sociological perspective.

Randall Kehrig

Economic effects of changing water quality on an irrigation scheme: a case study from South Africa.

Jack Armour

Development of small watersheds. Cuba.

Miguel Hernández Bauzá, Nilo Alfonso González

Integrating biophysical, ecological, and social research for catchment-scale management of water resources: the Motueka river initiative. New Zealand

Breck Bowden

Tracing sediment transport with Cs-137 isotopes: The Chasovenko catchment case study, Central Russian Federation.

Valentin Golosov, Vladimir Belyaev

Southern highlands irrigation infrastructure refurbishment project. Australia.

Stephen Arnold

Land-water linkages in the upper Niger watershed. Guinea.

Sény Soumah

Watershed development - or should it be watershed management? The Kawad Project, Karnataka, India.

C. Batchelor, M. Rama Mohan Rao, K. Mukherjee

Indo-German watershed development programme Gujarat: a baseline survey. India.

Andreas Groetschel, Ingrid Müller-Neuhof, Ines Rathmann, Hermann Rupp, Ximena Santillana, Anja Söger, Jutta Werner

Combating drought in Rajasthan through the watershed approach. India.

B.K. Kakade

Environmental impacts and vulnerability of water resources in the Berdawni rural watershed, Bekaa, India.

T. Darwish, M. Khawlie, I. Jomaa, R. Chihny

Water quality and management in peri-urban Kumasi, Ghana.

D.F.M. McGregor, D. A. Thompson, D. Simon

Agriculture and nitrogen pollution of water in Brittany, France.

Séverine Gibet

Small hydraulic structures and their impact on farmers’ lives, streamflow, soil and water conservation and downstream water resources: the cases of the Siliana and Kef watersheds. Tunisia.

Mohamed Mechergui

The Romwe catchment study - the effects of land management on groundwater resources in semi-arid Zimbabwe.

P.B. Moriarty, C.J. Lovell

The influence of a headwater wetland on downstream river flows in Sub-Saharan Africa. Zimbabwe.

Africa. Matthew McCartney

A quantitative treatment on the influence of catchment features, based on GIS, on fish production in Sri Lankan reservoirs. Sri Lanka.

Sena S. De Silva, U.S. Amarsinghe, C. Nissanka

The Goulburn broken water quality strategy. Australia.

Pat Feehan

Integrated land and water management in the upper watersheds of the Aral Sea basin. Tajikistan.

S. Aslov

Collective action to fight soil erosion in Réunion.

Denis Groene, Alain Hébert, G. Benoit

Micro-dams for rainfall water retention in central-west Brazil: pilot project on water and soil conservation in the micro-basin of the Paiol.

Luciano Cordoval de Barros

The impact of drainage of agricultural soils on annual runoff: an example from the Brie region. France.

Claude Cosandey, Marie-Josée Penven, Tatiana Muxart

Water quality and rural society: Potential health risks in the lower Río Colorado watershed. The case of the Mexicali Valley. Mexico.

Alfonso Cortez Lara

Estimation of basin sediment flux in the Pang Khum Experimental Watershed in northern Thailand: The contributions of roads and agricultural lands.

Alan D. Ziegler, Thomas W. Giambelluca, Ross A. Sutherland

Influence of land use on the hydrological properties of volcanic soils: the case of catchments providing water to Andean cities. Ecuador.

W. Buytaert, B. De Bièvre, J. Deckers G. Dercon

The watershed protection fund (FONAG) as a mechanism for the conservation of the cayambe-coca and antisana reserves in Ecuador.

M. Echavarría

Impacts of irrigation development on small-scale aquatic resources: a case study of southern Laos. Sophie Nguyen Khoa, Kai Lorenzen, Caroline Garaway, Robert Arthur, Bounthanom Chamsingh, Douangchith Litdamlong, Nick Innes-Taylor, Darrell Siebert

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