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The final part of this publication comprises two chapters that describe a conceptual framework and a set of guidelines for examining the relationship between trade reforms and food security.

Chapter 16 presents the framework in a schematic way in order to identify significant aspects of the relationship that warrant further research. It uses the framework to develop a series of researchable questions that are pertinent to the debates outlined in previous chapters.

In Chapter 17, a set of practical guidelines for implementing empirical analysis designed to operationalize the framework is proposed.

The primary intention of the framework and guidelines is not to attempt to quantify the magnitude of the impact of reforms on indicators of food security (i.e. that a change in Policy X has a Z percent impact on the food security status of Group Y), but to provide a mechanism for better understanding the likely direction of change brought about by reform, and how this is modified by the current policy and institutional environment in a particular context. The aim is to inform a more considered design and implementation of reform packages.

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