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The State of Food and Agriculture 2002 was prepared by a team from the Agriculture and Economic Development Analysis Division, led by Jakob Skoet and comprising André Croppenstedt, Annelies Deuss, Fulvia Fiorenzi and Slobodanka Teodosijevic. Secretarial support was provided by Stella Di Lorenzo and Paola Di Santo. General supervision was provided by Kunio Tsubota.

Contributions and background papers for the World Review were prepared by Adrian Whiteman, Forestry Department (Production and trade of forest products); Adele Crispoldi, Rebecca Metzner and Stefania Vannuccini, Fisheries Department (Fisheries: production, disposition and trade); Pratap Narain and Mohammed Barre, Statistics Division (External assistance to agriculture); Terri Raney, Commodities and Trade Division (Implications of the Fourth World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry). The sections on Food shortages and emergencies, World cereal supply situation and Food aid flows were based on contributions prepared by staff of the Commodities and Trade Division, supervised by Ali Gürkan and Mwita Rukandema.

Contributions and background papers for the Regional review were prepared by Floribert Ngaruko (Africa), Jikun Huang and Scott Rozelle (Asia and the Pacific), Fernando Zegarra (Latin America and the Caribbean), Tayeb Ameziane (Near East and North Africa), David Sedik (Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States). The section on Developed market economies is based on information provided by the Agriculture, Food and Fisheries Directorate of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

The text on The role of agriculture and land in the provision of global public goods is based on a background paper prepared by Dirgha Tiwari, while the section on Harvesting carbon sequestration through land-use change: a way out of rural poverty? was prepared by Leslie Lipper and Romina Cavatassi, Agriculture and Economic Development Analysis Division.

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