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This is the second and final volume of a manual on hatchery production of seabass and gilthead seabream. It is part of the programme of publication of the Inland Water Resources and Aquaculture Service (FIRI). The manual has been written based on the direct experience of technicians and managers of commercial hatcheries operating in the Mediterranean. It is intended to assist both technicians entering this field as well as investors interested in evaluating the complexity of hatchery production of seabass and gilthead seabream.

The manual has been prepared by the authors under the overall support and supervision of FIRI and direct technical coordination of Mario Pedini, Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Officer of the FAO/World Bank Cooperative Programme. Numerous colleagues have collaborated, contributing comments to sections of the manual, and ideas and assistance for its finalization. The contribution to this volume of Brigide Loix, STM Aquatrade Srl, Lamar Srl Udine, Licinio Corbari, Maribrin Srl, Massimo Caggiano, Panittica Pugliese Spa, are greatly appreciated. The assistance in the editorial work and final presentation and graphics given by José Luis Castilla, Alessandro Lovatelli, André Coche, Patrizia Ravegnani and Emanuela d’Antoni has also been invaluable.

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