Volume 42F 1988
Food Sciences and Nutrition

EUROFOODS - Proceedings of the Second Workshop
Journal Editor Richard D. King

Volume 42F 1988
Food Sciences and Nutrition
Journal Editor Richard D. King

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K. Fox
L. Stockley

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Working towards improvement and dissemination of food composition data in Europe

Eurofoods was formed by a group of interested scientists following a meeting in Wageningen, Netherlands in 1983 (Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism, 29 S:1 1985) which had identified a range of tasks to fulfil the objectives of improving compatibility of food compositional data and nutritional databases across Europe. The subsequent workshop in Norwich in the summer of 1985 provided a forum for reviewing progress and setting out new tasks for the future.

This report includes the papers, posters and reports of workshop sessions at the Norwich meeting. The papers have been extended to include significant material that became available after the meeting.

This publication was made possible by a grant from the International Foundation for Nutrition Research and Nutrition Education (ISFE Zurich). Klem, Oslo also provided some initial support of the editing.

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Principal Communications

M. Wittler and L. Arab

NLG project (Nutrient losses and gains in the preparation of foods) report 1985
L. Bergström

Infoods — introduction to the concept of an international food data system
W.M. Rand

Guidelines for the production, management and use of food composition data: an Infoods project
D.A.T. Southgate and H. Greenfield

Infoods progress on nomenclature of foods
A.S. Truswell

Missing values in European food composition tables and nutrient data bases: Preliminary results of a survey
B. Meyer, H.J.C Van Oosten-Van Der Goes, W.A. Van Staveren and C.E. West

Summary of the Eurofoods interlaboratory trial of nutrient analyses
M.B. Katan and P.C. Hollman

Towards a merged European food composition database
L. Arab

Eurofoods: working towards improvement and dissemination of food composition data in Europe
C.E. West and L. Arab

Review of food composition tables in Europe: report of a Forum
L. Bergström and others

Short Communications and Workshop Reports

Nutrient analysis: report of a workshop
W.R. Wolf

Using computers in nutritional epidemiology
A.M. Fehily

Nutrient losses and gains: report of a workshop
L. Bergström

A computerised method of prospectively measuring food intake in man
L. Stockley and C.A. Hurren

Agraterm: proposed linguistic network for Dutch agricultural institutions
J.C. Rigg

Calculation of the fatty acid content of food
W. Hare, W. Doyle, P. Drury and M. Crawford

Computer program for use with phenylketonuric children
B.L. Nygard

Dietary assessment using a microcomputer
S. Bassham and L.R. Fletcher

Dietary habits and food contamination cause differences in heavy metal intake
L. Louekari

Dietary studies in the Caerphilly Heart Disease Survey
A.M. Fehily, B.K. Butland, R.M. Holliday and J.W.G. Yarnell

Model of a nutrient losses and gains database
H. Isakson

The PETRA system for measurement of dietary intake
S. Bingham, P.R. Murgatroyd and J.H. Cummings

Selenium content of a core group of foods based on a critical evaluation of published analytical data
A. Schubert, J.M. Holden and W.R. Wolf

Validation of the 7-day weighed diet record by comparison against total energy expenditure
A.E. Black, A.M. Prentice and W.A. Coward