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FAO Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (APRC)
30th Session
Gyeongju (Republic of Korea), 27 September - 1 October 2010

List of DocumentsDownload ID
APRC 10/1 Rev.1 Provisional annotated agenda K8446E
APRC 10/2 Integrating climate change adaptation and mitigation for Food Security and Sustainable Development in the Region K8647E
APRC 10/3 Experiences and policy lessons from the region in dealing with the global food and financial crises K8648E
APRC 10/4 Increasing Crop Productivity for Sustainable Food Security in the Region K8675E
APRC 10/5 Matters arising from the World Summit on Food Security and the 36th Session of the FAO Conference, notably Implementation of the Immediate Plan of Action (IPA), including the Decentralized Offices Network K8255E
APRC 10/5 Add.1 Towards a New Vision for the Decentralized Offices Network K8256E
APRC 10/6 The role of FAO Regional Conferences in the reformed Committee on World Food Security (CFS) K8257E
APRC 10/7 Report on FAO activities in Asia and the Pacific Region in the biennium 2008-09 and actions taken on the main recommendations of the 29th Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific K8774E
APRC 10/8 Implementation of the Programme of Work and Budget 2010-11 and Areas of priority action for the Region for the following biennium K8859E
APRC 10/9 Establishment Of One Global Shared Services Centre K8258E
APRC 10/10 FAO Regional Priority framework for Asia and the Pacific (2010-2019): towards Food Security in the Region K8736E
APRC 10/11 Round Table
From Declarations to Actions: Follow up to L'Aquila initiative on Food Security and WSFS in the Region
APRC/10/INF - Series    
APRC 10/INF/1 Provisional Timetable K8445E
APRC 10/INF/2 Rev.1 Provisional List of Documents K8443E
APRC 10/INF/3 Rev.1 Information Note K8438E
APRC 10/INF/4 Statement by the Director-General K8864E
APRC 10/INF/5 State of Food and Agriculture in Asia and the Pacific Region K8649E
APRC 10/INF/6 Strengthening the linkages between technical commissions and the APRC K8564E
APRC 10/INF/7 FAO's Strategy for and Approaches to disaster preparedness, response and mitigation in the region K8676E
APRC 10/INF/8 Implementation of REDD and what it means for forestry and agriculture in the region K8650E
APRC 10/INF/9 International Treaty on Plan Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture K8651E
APRC 10/INF/10 Evaluation of FAO’s Role and Work Related to Water K8689E
APRC 10/INF/11 Paper Presented to the CoC-IEE Meeting of 23 June 2010 Reporting Discussions at LARC, ARC and ERC on Decentralization and the Shared Services Centre (SSC) K8943E
The Report   
APRC/10/REP Report of the 30th Session of the Regional Conference for Asia and the Pacific (Gyeongju, Republic of Korea, 27 September-1 October 2010) K9353E

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