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FAO Regional Conference for the Near East

Cairo, Egypt
1-5 March 2008

List of documents Download ID
NERC/8/1 Draft Provisional Annotated Agenda K1240E
NERC/8/2 Rev.2 Report on FAO Activities in the Near East Region, with a Focus on the Achievement of the World Food Summit (WFS) Target and the Millennium Development Goals K1471E
NERC/8/3 Near East Agriculture Towards 2050: Prospects and Challenges K1699E
NERC/8/4 Rev.1 Socio-economic Impacts of Transboundary Animal Diseases in the Near East with Particular Emphasis on Avian Influenza K1651E
NERC/8/5 Global and Regional Emergency Issues K1570E
NERC/8/6 Matters Arising from the Thirty-fourth Session of the FAO Conference K1698E
NERC/08/INF - SeriesDownload ID
NERC/8/INF/1 Information Note K1353E
NERC/8/INF/2 Provisional Timetable K1241E
NERC/8/INF/3 Provisional List of Documents K1242E
NERC/8/INF/4 Statement by the FAO Director-General K1999
NERC/8/INF/5 Climate Change: Implications for Agriculture in the Near East K1470E
NERC/8/INF/6 Pesticide Management in the Near East Region K1530E
NERC/8/INF/7 Reform of National Agricultural Research & Extension Systems K1476E
NERC/8/INF/8 World Programme for the Census of Agriculture 2010 K1469E
NERC/8/INF/9 Summary of the Recommendations of Regional Meetings and Commissions in the Near East K1491E
NERC/8/INF/10 Agricultural Marketing in the Near East: Challenges and Policy Issues K1607E
The Conference reportsDownload ID
NERC/8/REP The report of the 29th Regional Conference K2369E
NERC/8/SOM/REP Report of the Senior Officers Meeting K2003E

Previous Sessions: NERC 28; NERC 27; NERC 26; NERC 25

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