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Thirtieth (30th)
FAO Regional Conference for the Near East

Khartoum, Sudan
4-8 December 2010

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NERC/10/1 Rev.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda K8922E
NERC/10/2 Matters arising from the World Summit on Food Security and the 36th Session of the FAO Conference, notably implementation of the Immediate Plan of Action (IPA), including the Decentralized Offices Network K9322E
NERC/10/2 Add.1 Towards a New Vision for the Decentralized Offices Network K9323E
NERC/10/3 The Role of FAO Regional Conferences in the Reformed Committee on World Food Security (CFS) K9324E
NERC/10/4 Report on FAO Activities in the Region in 2008-2009 and Actions Taken on the Main Recommendations of the 29th FAO Regional Conference for the Near East K8923E
NERC/10/5 Implementation of the Programme of Work and Budget 2010-11 and Areas of Priority Actions for the Near East Region for the Following Biennium K9485E
NERC/10/6 Establishment of One Global Shared Services Centre K9325E
NERC/10/7 FAO Regional Priority Framework for the Near East K9512E
NERC/10/8 The Implications of Soaring Food Prices and Global Financial and Economic Crises for Food and Nutrition Security in the Near East K9532E
NERC/10/9 Trans-boundary Plant Pests and Diseases in the Near East; with Emphasis on Wheat Black Stem Rust (Ug99) K9079E
NERC/10/INF - Series Download ID
NERC/10/INF/1 Information Note K9055E
NERC/10/INF/2 Rev.1 Provisional Timetable K8728E
NERC/10/INF/3 Provisional List of Documents K8727E
NERC/10/INF/4 Statement by the FAO Director-General K9498E
NERC/10/INF/5 Water Desalination for Agricultural Use K8888E
NERC/10/INF/6 Valuing Rangelands for the Ecosystem and Livelihood Services K9080E
NERC/10/INF/7 Knowledge, Information and Communication for Agricultural and Rural Development in the Near East: Recent Experiences and Lessons Learned K9185E
NERC/10/INF/8 An Update on Transboundary on the Animal Diseases in the Near East K9025E
NERC/10/INF/9 Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: New Initiatives and Update on Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries K9477E
NERC/10/INF/10 Summary of the Recommendations of Regional Commissions in the Near East K8745E
NERC/10/INF/11 Evaluation of FAO's Role and Work Related to Water K9581E
NERC/10/INF/12 Paper Presented to the CoC-IEE Meeting of 20 October 2010 Reporting Discussions at LARC, ARC, ERC and APRC on Decentralization and the Shared Services Centre (SSC) K9626E
The Conference reportsDownload ID
NERC/10/REP The report of the 30th Regional Conference MA068E

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