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Desert Locust Master Trainer Manual
This manual is designed for Master Trainers in locust-affected countries who conduct courses to train locust field staff and other National Trainers in their own country. It is intended to be used in conjunction with the FAO Desert Locust Guidelines, which provide valuable technical information to support the training.

This manual contains basic information, guidance and graphic aids that allow a newly-trained Master Trainer to conduct a well-structured and effective training course in his/her own country for locust staff and other trainers on safe and effective survey and control, and on how to train others.

The manual consists of lessons and overhead transparencies for survey, control and training (FAO, 2003).

May 2008 update: eLocust2 (S22 and OHTs)


Lessons (2.5MB)

Survey overheads (16.3MB)

Control overheads (15.5MB)

Training overheads (1MB)

5/08 update (lesson S22 - 36kb)

5/08 update (survey overheads 16, 22, 24 - 4MB)

5/08 update (all lessons - 3.1MB)

5/08 update (all survey overheads - 19.1MB)