Latest news about AGRIS 2.0


With the launch of the new and improved version of AGRIS 2.0, the institutional dashboard service, which includes the Automatic Data Upload (ADU) function, is currently not operational. All data providers who use the ADU to contribute metadata for indexing in the AGRIS database are encouraged to submit metadata by email to [email protected] till further notice.

While FAO's technical team behind AGRIS works on an improved and updated version of the institutional dashboard or similar, AGRIS 2.0 has a significant feature that all users and data providers can benefit from: anyone, whether a data provider or a user, can access the institutional collections of every data provider in the database without needing to register and be provided access credentials! They can do so by using the advanced search function in the search interface and selecting the relevant data provider(s) from the dropdown menu.

Advanced search function AGRIS 2.0
Accessing institutional collections in AGRIS 2.0. Source: FAO/AGRIS

Different versions of features such as the most visited records and usage statistics of data providers' institutional collections will also be available in the coming months as technical improvements and adjustments to AGRIS 2.0 continue apace.