New Valley University (NVU)

New Valley University was established as a branch of Assuit University in Kharga Oasis in New Valley Governorate. In September 2018, the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt issued decree No 1714 about establishing New Valley University as an independent university. New Valley University provides the latest study and research facilities. It’s purpose-built to be a beacon of teaching, learning, and research. The university includes eight faculties and all their programs are designed to develop the knowledge and skills required for graduates to enter the job market.

The university welcomes international students of all nationalities to study in its faculties, whether at the undergraduate or postgraduate levels, and it offers the highest levels of services and programs in its educational and research systems.

New Valley University includes these faculties: Faculty of Education, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Physical Education, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmacy.