Markets and trade

Training on regulations, standards and certification for agricultural exports

1. Information manuals on regulations and certification for agricultural exports

These manuals explain the objectives, scope, advantages and constraints of a selection of voluntary private certification programmes (e.g. organic agriculture, "fair trade", GlobalGAP). They are designed for farmers and exporters.

These manuals also give a brief overview of the main categories of import regulations that exporters of agricultural products have to meet when they export to major markets (United States, European Union, Japan). Links to the web sites of organizations providing more details are given.

There are manuals for exporters and producers of different regions:

- Central America (only in Spanish)
- South America (only in Spanish)
- East Africa (only in English)
- West Africa (in English and French)
- Asia (in English, and other Asian languages)

Follow the links at right, including on certification bodies and information sources in Asian countries. If you would like to suggest other sources of information on regulations for food imports and certification, please write to [email protected]

2. Training manual: "Managing certifications for agricultural exports"

This manual is meant for trainers who intend to organize a training session on certification for agricultural exports. Click here to access the web page of the training manual.

3. Manual on Exporting Organic and Fair-trade Products

This is a decision-making guide for farmer organizations and exporters wishing to export organic and fair-trade certified products. It can also be useful to business support organizations. Click here to access the web page of the manual.

4. External links to other practical manuals and guides

For more information contact [email protected]