Study on the regulatory frameworks influencing insects for food and feed

The production, trade and use of edible insects as food and feed touch on a wide range of regulatory areas, from product quality assurance to the environmental impact of insect farming. Consequently, one of the largest barriers to increasing consumption of edible insects, as well as their use as animal feed, is legislation. 

This discussion paper  provides a preliminary look at the regulations on the regulatory frameworks influencing insects as food and feed at international, regional and national levels. This study, however, is not exhaustive. If you have any additional information from your country or region to include or corrections to the information contained within the study please contact [email protected]. As regulations are changing quickly we will be updating this online document periodically. The discussion paper will be presented for discussion at the Insects to Feed the World conference, May 14-17th, 2014.


last updated:  Monday, November 10, 2014