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Codex Committee on Methods of Analysis and Sampling (CCMAS)

Terms of Reference:(a) to define the criteria appropriate to Codex Methods of Analysis and Sampling;
(b) to serve as a coordinating body for Codex with other international groups working in methods of analysis and sampling and quality assurance systems for laboratories;
(c) to specify, on the basis of final recommendations submitted to it by the other bodies referred to in (b) above, Reference Methods of Analysis and Sampling appropriate to Codex Standards which are generally applicable to a number of foods;
(d) to consider, amend, if necessary, and endorse, as appropriate, methods of analysis and sampling proposed by Codex (Commodity) Committees, except that methods of analysis and sampling for residues of pesticides or veterinary drugs in food, the assessment of micro biological quality and safety in food, and the assessment of specifications for food additives, do not fall within the terms of reference of this Committee;
(e) to elaborate sampling plans and procedures, as may be required;
(f) to consider specific sampling and analysis problems submitted to it by the Commission or any of its Committees; and,
(g) to define procedures, protocols, guidelines or related texts for the assessment of food laboratory proficiency, as well as quality assurance systems for laboratories.