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CCNASWP / Fiji meeting an excellent opportunity to reconnect


“After last having met as a region in 2019, the FAO/WHO Coordinating Committee for North America and the South West Pacific (CCNASWP16) provides an excellent opportunity to reconnect and exchange views concerning food standards and food control in the region,” said FAO’s Dirk Schulz, in Nadi, as preparations for the session neared completion.

WHO will be represented at the meeting by Jessica Kayamori Lopez. "This meeting will be a great opportunity to revisit the priorities of the region and hear from our Member States about the adjustments and adaptations in food safety systems that the pandemic imposed. Based on that, we hope to be able to tailor our actions and synergize our support to address major challenges that Member States are facing. Guided by our Regional Framework for Action on Food Safety in the Western Pacific, WHO intend to promote safe food for all and protect people’s health by advancing food safety systems so Member States are able to manage food safety risks and respond to food safety incidents."  

Hilde Kruse, Codex Secretariat, said: “This is the first Codex meeting in the year of the Codex 60th anniversary, and Fiji will be kicking off the celebrations highlighting the importance of Codex not only internationally, but also at regional and national levels. CCNASWP16, is also the first Codex subsidiary meeting to be conducted in a hybrid modality, leading the way for maximum inclusiveness.”  

Alongside the main agenda, delegations will also take part in a session on the Codex Trust Fund (CTF). Programme Administrator Michael Hinsch, WHO, spoke of the potential for CTF to provide support to countries in CCNASWP. Out of eight eligible countries in the region, so far only two are receiving CTF support to engage more effectively in Codex work.

“In addition to direct country support, we plan to broaden assistance on a regional level as well, by providing training that benefits more than one country.  Pacific Island Countries face a number of challenges, some of which are unique to the region.  This is why we are holding a side event at this meeting to identify the most beneficial type of support the Codex Trust Fund can provide to CCNASWP,” he said. 

The committee will also discuss a draft regional standard for fermented noni juice which Schulz hopes will be further developed at the meeting.


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CCNASWP / Vinesh Kumar sets the scene for Fiji as the FAO/WHO regional meeting approaches


Photo credit ©FAO/Goro Maruno

Codex Secretariat, FAO and WHO prepare for CCNASWP16 with the Host Secretariat