Pollinators play a vital role in agriculture crop production, they help in pollination in crops without which fruit production is impossible especially in cross pollinated crops. Honey bees, wasp bees, gaint bees, butterflies which are major pollinators among insect kingdom. Protection of pollinators has became a important aspects in modern agriculture due to use of heavy chemical fertilizers, pesticides,herbicides,growth harmones, which kill all the pests, on other side it also kill beneficial insects like pollinators so to protect these pollinators there are some precaution to be followed.


1) Reduce use of highly toxic/carcenogenic pesticides, herbicides on agricultural crops; 

2) Use organic based plant protection which is eco friendly to environment as well as insect diversity;

3) practice a crop production which produce a yellow flower which attract bees like sunflower, safflower etc.;

4) increase honey bee hives about 10 hives/ ha land so it increase the bee population;

5) Avoide burning of crop residues in field, because residue burning will produce dark smoke which contains toxic gases it will affect the honey bee activity and destroy bee hives;

6) increase the jaggery production unit so it will attract pollinators and increase the population;

7) more important practices is plant forest tree species on border side of the field so that honey bees are likely to construct their hives in higher altitude on tree branches;

8) planting the ornimental plant species which is most attractive to pollinators etc...



Mithare Prasad