Women’s Economic Empowerment and Agribusiness: Opportunities for the gender transformative agenda

There is a knowledge gap on the extent to which donor-supported agribusiness initiatives engage with the gender transformative agenda. The Global Donor Platform for Rural Development commissioned a study focusing on Women's Economic Empowerment (WEE) in agribusiness initiatives under the gender work stream, to enhance the inclusiveness of agribusiness portfolio.

A methodology for analysing agribusiness projects from a gender perspective was developed to review gender-related initiatives at the field level and in project management using a four-point scale.

Objectives of the study

  • to better understand the different approaches donors use to address gender inequalities and promote WEE within the agribusiness initiatives they support;
  • to assess, based on existing evidence, which approaches are most effective at delivering on WEE, including those which address the underlying causes/structural barriers to WEE;
  • to identify key success factors and practical lessons learnt from existing best practice on WEE in agribusiness; and

  • to propose focus areas and approaches for future donor engagement in agribusiness that are most likely to deliver on WEE and, in particular, gender transformative approaches on addressing structural barriers to WEE.

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