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Performing and Sharing Best Practices of Indigenous Knowledge in Agriculture for more efficient, inclusive, resilient and sustainable agrifood systems

The performance in integrating indigenous knowledge in agriculture productivity could be a Key pathway of reaching sustainable food security as recent researchs have highlighted that the Indigenous knowledge in agriculture could reinforce the efficiency, the inclusion, the reliance and the sustainability of of agrifood systems all over the world taking account of crops and/or animals growing in varied biodiversity or adverse agro-ecology.

Indeed, my current input is mainly based on the latest publications related to the mandatory integration of indigenous knowledge in agriculture.

The first paper inspiring my post is entitled:" Digitalization of Indigenous Knowledge in African Agriculture for Fostering Food Security" ( KANTIZA, A., and alii, 2021) which has been completed somewhat by the paper : " Indigenous Knowledge is a key for sustainable food system" (ALEXANDRE, A., 2023)

Analysis of performance in food security towards the integration of indigenous knowledge

The two papers are complementaries in analyzing the foundation of agriculture science from the Indigenous knowledge even if the modern agriculture science leads to high productivity by putting before the use of improved seeds, inorganic fertilizers and other pecticides while the Indigenous knowledge safeguards old best practices in using almost the same practices of seeding.

The KANTIZA's paper published by IST-Africa 2021 Conference aims to assess the current indige'ous assess the current state of indigenous knowledge in African agriculture as well as to list the best practices driven from traditional knowledge in African agriculture like the fair and inexpensive system of grains' storage such the ikigega used during many centuries in the Great Lakes Region of Africa and nearby or the system of conservation during long term of foods and seeds mixed with wood ashes found in many countries of Central and East Africa.