Forum global sur la sécurité alimentaire et la nutrition (Forum FSN)

Françoise Medale


First of all, congratulations for this excellent initiative.

This does not make sense to put fish apart from the other food sources in international reports related to human nutrition and food security.

As a fish nutritionnist working with aquaculture species, I am surprised to read that aquaculture "can " complement or supplement food provided by fisheries because half of fish is now supplied by aquaculture so this a fact.

I share a lot of ideas of this first draft report. However I think that more emphasis could be put on education as a way to alleviate poverty. For example, improvments in culture pratices, diseases prevention, fish nutrition, wastes reduction and management applied to high trophic level species could benefit to low trophic species if knowledge transfer is organized and encouraged;

Table 3.1 should be added with other fish species such as salmon, eel, Tuna and nile perch. In the document, more consideration should be given to the contribution of fish to the n-3 fatty acid supply in human consumption.

Alternative resources for fish feed such as microlagae or insects could be considered (chapter 3.7).