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Hello everyone, thank you for bringing up such a important issue and discussion! At Tanzania House of Hope we utilise social/care farming with our older people's associations. The farming has changed the perception of older people within the community, built unity within the older people groups, but also built confidence for older people - showcasing an ability to engage in income-generating activities and revive previous skills. 

I agree with some of the comments raised by previous discussants - such as the need to connect farmers to the market, providing fair prices and economic capabilities. However, additionally we need to remember the bigger picture of which social/care farming aims to change - reintegrating vulnerable groups and enforcing change. In order to do so at Tanzania House of Hope we are synthesising our care/social farming approaches with other members of the community. We are building an inclusive community centre of which is inter-generational and dynamic, to not only offer change for the vulnerable individuals engaging in social/care farming, but also to offer a opportunity for interaction. We are integrating social/care farming with broader community development programmes to introduce changes to how the community functions in unity. 

Please take a look at some of the work we are engaged in, and offer any support. Your support is crucial for wider-scale change through social/care farming. Thank you!!

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