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Themba Phiri

Agricultural Technical Specialist
South Africa

Women in the development world have been marginalized for quite a long time, the social care farming approach, will empower the women to farm profitably whilst keeping the social fabric of the family intact. Women are the key players in the farming industry, without their involvement farming will be decidely off-beat. The physically disbaled, sick are always taken care of by the majority of the women. The care farming approach should be tested at various levels as it intergrates all people from all walks of life such as the disbaled who are always vulnerable, the war veterans, who are affected by changing political situations. There is need to build institutions of learning that will train and cater for people with some level of vulnerabilities. This can only be done through donor forums as they are the ones who finance developmental programs. Donors should come up with tailor made programs for the vulnerable groups mentioned above for the care farming innovation to be deemed a success