Forum global sur la sécurité alimentaire et la nutrition (Forum FSN)

Senapathy Marisennayya

Associate Professor at Wolaita Sodo University

Social Farming is the survival strategy to the rural people. Social Farming has come to the attention of an increasing range of rural stakeholders in recent years and numerous examples of social farming activities can be found around the EU-27 Member States. This interest is the result of a growing understanding of the potential role of agricultural and rural resources for enhancing the social, physical and mental well-being of people. The rural people behavior, culture and type of living supported with local environmental condition in which they can lead their livelihood aspects. At the same time, social farming also represents a new opportunity for farmers to deliver alternative services to broaden and diversify the scope of their activities and multi-functional role in society. This integration between agricultural and social activities can also provide farmers with new sources of income and enhance the image of agriculture in the ‘public eye’. Social Farming is enhancing the life plus survival strategy to the rural people.