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Shaun Suitor

Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning

Great piece of work.

One comment on the “building teams“ section, we’ve found it much more efficient to employ contractor teams to measure plots and we then audit them to ensure compliance with procedure. So essentially we leave it up to the marketplace to build and maintain forest monitoring capacity (with a small amount of help form us -2 days training), instead of us having to do it “in house”. As it is inherently difficult for government organisations to build and maintain such specialised technical skills.

Also, we’ve spent the last 6 years developing an extensive suite of standard operating procedures for the Victorian Forest Monitoring Program, (~700 pages), and we update them after every field measurement season. They are available online. So, feel free to have a look and compare with yours. I’m happy to talk about these anytime. [email protected].

Link to Victorian Forest Monitoring Program: