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Dear Colleagues;

I went over the document National Forest Monitoring manual under preparation and I have the following suggestions;

  1. In the section 4.3 operational design and 4.4 ….. reporting- I think we surely do need method that is scientifically correct, cheap and easy to use so that we get standard information from the field, analyze them and report the results.  Based on these results evidence-based decision, policy-making for sustainable forest mgt as well as awareness raising is formulated in various levels. Therefore, I suggest that we have to give some examples of the method that could be used and when time comes they could be improved…  It is an open suggestion AND
  2. In my view, the forest health is very important: a healthy forest protects soil, water, animals and also give recreational and religious benefits.  On the other hand if the forest heath is deteriorated, water problem will be triggered, soil will be degraded, nutrient from the forest will be deteriorated and even due to lack of forest natural disasters such as debris flows, shallow landslides and floods will be triggered…  and much more.  I suggest we have to accommodate eco-DRR carefully. 

Hope it helps

Best regards

Yoganath Adikari (FOMD)