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Dr. Kambiz Bazargan

Organisation: Soil and Water Research institute
Pays: Iran (République islamique d')
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soil chemistry

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    • Is an International Code of Conduct for the Use and Management of Fertilizers beneficial and useful? To whom, and why?

      Yes, of course it is. I think it is more useful for the governmental managers in fertilizer management.

      Does this Fertilizer Code of Conduct address all aspects necessary to ensure the responsible use of fertilizers, optimizing benefits while minimizing risks?

      I think yes.

      Are there any topics or subject matter missing from this Fertilizer Code of Conduct? If so, what are they?

      I think we have to pay attention to all materials that are using for fertilizing. There was not good attention to soil conditioners and soil amendments in this document, also about materials that are using as plant growth promoters or anti stress and so on, because of that, I propose to change the title to “Fertilizing Material Code of Conduct”

      Are there redundancies or unnecessary items or subjects within this Code of Conduct? If so, what are they?


      Do you have any other suggestions or comments not covered in the above questions? If so, please elaborate.

      As I mentioned above I propose to change the title to “Fertilizing Material Code of Conduct” and change the term “Fertilizer” to “Fertilizing Materials” in whole of the document. I defined “Fertilizing Materials” in the attached file as has been defined before in some documents.

      I have also some comments and small corrections that have been done in the document attached.