Forum global sur la sécurité alimentaire et la nutrition (Forum FSN)

Do you think that the roles identified for the Digital Council are suitable for facing the food systems challenges outlined above?

Will the Digital Council work in collaboration or in convergence mode with the structures already in place in different countries? Often it would mean working on its own, irrespective of the work whatever little or more being done by the country governments. Also, sometime local structures become defunct when external agencies start doing work in the concerned area. The Proposed information for the concept note presented in tabular form indicates that the council would regulate most of the activities in food systems digital space. Often it may be the case, some countries are already doing some good work, in fact could be some lessons for the council too. Many a time the existing frameworks get disrupted even when doing well due to the external interventions being powerful in terms of money and influence. Hope the digital council will ensure nurturing the good practices and learn the lessons too!