Methods and Guidance Documentation

The GFOI’s Methods and Guidance Documentation (MGD) component develops and disseminates IPCC-compliant methods and guidance materials for REDD+ Measurement, Reporting, and Verification (MRV). The materials provide a user-friendly approach to guide countries through the complex process of needs assessment, system design and implementation. It complements GFOI partners’ own guidance materials and presents these within the context of a complete national MRV framework for REDD+.

The MGD materials are presented in the online platform REDDcompass which provides a structured approach for developing countries to follow in designing and developing complete national forest monitoring systems and associated MRV procedures. The specific activities of the component include:

  • Support the MGD Advisory Group in delivering its roles and responsibilities aimed at ensuring the MGD continues to align with the priorities of developing countries and provides guidance on operational methods and approaches in support of GFOI activities;
  • Ensure that MGD remains consistent with the IPCC guidance and guidelines and any decisions related to REDD+ taken by the UNFCCC. Co-ordinate the revision and publication of new editions to the MGD and interim guidance published as ‘Rapid Response Modules’;
  • Maintain the REDDcompass platform as a neutral framework to support countries in systematically designing and developing complete NFMS for REDD+ MRV that meet their own needs. 
  • Support GFOI components and partners in the communication and use of MGD guidance through the REDDcompass platform; and
  • Communicate MGD activities to the GFOI Leads, Components and the broader network.

The work of the MGD Component is conducted through the collaborative efforts of authors provided by GFOI partners and is guided by the MGD Advisory Group. It is led by Australia who provide the component management functions, in close collaboration with other GFOI partners.

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