FAO in Lebanon

Teachers of the technical agricultural schools empowered with new digital skills and techniques


The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift towards digitalizing learning in schools. Teachers are now exploring tools and ideas to incorporate in virtual learning to keep their classrooms engaged and interested.

To help educators of the technical agricultural schools bring creativity to their online classrooms and  to enhance their work with engaging virtual lessons using the latest applications, FAO in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture, organized a four-days training (between 13 and 16 of April) implemented by WARD NGO, funded by the Kingdom of Netherlands.

Around thirty teachers from the seven agricultural technical schools affiliated with the Ministry benefited from this training and were able to develop their digital skills in agricultural technical and vocational education and training classroom and virtual activities.

They were trained on using videos, preparing presentations and working on Google Forms.

Participants were also introduced to several topics such as the elaboration of the problem-situation of the theoretical curriculum and the elaboration of the grid of criteria and indicators.

 This training falls under the FAO project “Upgrading the Technical Agriculture Education System in Lebanon”funded by the Kingdom of the Netherland.


This project works on enhancing the employability of young Lebanese and displaced Syrians and other refugees in Lebanon. It offers them the opportunity of acquiring the necessary technical skills to access improved career opportunities in agriculture and agribusiness in Lebanon or in Syria upon their return.  The project also works on the efficiency of the agriculture education system in Lebanon to support more youth. This is done by improving agricultural capacity development and creating entry points into green jobs.