IYPH Webinar on Food Systems and Plant Health

Rome, Italy / virtual, Italy, 29/06/2021 30/06/2021



Link for registration: https://fao.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_89NXC79BRdOR2s-8A2QsnA

The IPPC Secretariat presents the IYPH Webinar Series: paving the path to the International Plant Health Conference 2022. The International Steering Committee (ISC) of the International Year of Plant Health (IYPH) recommended at their 14th meeting that the first International Plant Health Conference (IPHC) should take place in the week of 9 to 13 May 2022, since the COVID-19 pandemic cause its cancellation in 2021. The IYPH Webinar Series aims at building a path leading to the IPHC in 2022 together with the IPPC community, aligning with the IPPC Strategic Framework 2020 – 2030, recently adopted by the Commission on Phytosanitary Measures (CPM).

This series of virtual events wish to engage the international community on the importance of plant health after the IYPH comes to an end and to support the potential declaration of the International Day of Plant Health on 12 May each year by the United Nations General Assembly at the end of 2021.

The first event of the IYPH Webinar Series is going to take place virtually on 29 June 2021 on the link between food systems and plant health, as an Independent Dialogue of the United Nations Food Systems Summit. This topic aligns with the IPPC Strategic Framework 2020 – 2030 and its Development Agenda, thus providing some initial inputs towards its implementation.


13:00 – Opening remarks and introduction of keynote speakers: Mr Ralf LOPIAN, IYPH International Steering Committee Chairperson

13:05 – Keynote Speeches

H.E. Thanawat TIENSIN – Chairperson of the Committee on World Food Security

Mr Carlo GAUDIO, President of Italy’s CREA (TBC)

13:40 – The relation between Plant Health and Food Security
Moderator: Mr Ralf LOPIAN – Chairperson of the IYPH International Steering Committee

Food security and phytosanitary issues: case studies from Libya
Mr Ali KAFU, Representative of Libya

Food aid and phytosanitary issues: case studies from the Republic of Korea
Ms Kyu-ock YIM, Republic of Korea

Facilitating safe trade of grain
Mr Gary C. MARTIN, President of International Grain Trade Coalition

CABI activities in Africa and their contribution to food security
Mr Washington OTIENO, Representative of CABI

One Health and Youth Engagement
Ms Lina YU, Representative of the World Food Forum


14:30 – Q&A Session

14:45 – Break



14:50 – Technical session: Plant health tools for sustainable food systems
Moderator: Mr Arop DENG, Integration and Support Team Lead, IPPC Secretariat

Pest Risk Analysis
Mr Alan MacLEOD, International Pest Risk Research Group (IPRRG)

Regional surveillance systems
Mr Efraín MEDINA GUERRA, Executive Director - OIRSA

Concepts and Tools for Surveillance and Sample Size Calculation
Mr Sybren VOS, Scientific Officer, Plant Health Unit, European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)

Regional Centre of Phytosanitary Excellence
Mr Theophilus MWENDWA MUTUI, Managing Director, KEPHIS

Cooperative Agricultural Pest Survey program

Mr John CROWE, National policy manager for CAPS, USDA-APHIS

15:40 – Q&A Session

15:50 – Closing Remarks by Mr Ralf LOPIAN, IYPH International Steering Committee Chairperson