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Thirty-second Session

Rome, 29 November - 10 December 2003

For interested readers some of selected documents are available
on this website. They are:

Provisional List of documents Download ID
C 2003/1-Rev.1 Provisional Agenda word.gif (913 bytes) Y9850E
C 2003/2 Review of the State of Food and Agriculture word.gif (913 bytes) J0385E
C 2003/3 Programme of Work and Budget 2004-2005

(Additional Information)
PDF.gif (913 bytes) Y9859E
C 2003/3-Corr.1
(Spanish only)
Corrigendum to Programme of Work and Budget 2004-2005   Y9859S
C 2003/4 Programme Evaluation Report 2003 PDF.gif (913 bytes) Y8918E
C 2003/5 Audited Accounts - FAO 2000-2001 PDF.gif (913 bytes) Y7203E
C 2003/6 Progress Report on Implementation on the  FAO Gender and Development Plan of Action (2002-2007) word.gif (913 bytes) J0255E
C 2003/7 Progress Report on Implementation of the Plan of Action for the Pan African Tsetse and Trypanosomiasis Eradication Campaign (Resolution 4/2001) word.gif (913 bytes) J0088E
C 2003/8 Programme Implementation Report (2000-2001)

PDF.gif (913 bytes)

C 2003/9 Appointment of Independent Chairman of the Council word.gif (913 bytes) J0279E
C 2003/10-Rev.1 Applications for Membership in the Organization word.gif (913 bytes)word.gif (913 bytes)word.gif (913 bytes) J0413E
C 2003/11 Election of Council Members word.gif (913 bytes) J0315E
C 2003/12 Arrangements for the 32nd Session of the Conference word.gif (913 bytes) J0043E
C 2003/12-Sup.1 Arrangements for the 32nd Session of the Conference - Round Tables word.gif (913 bytes) J0251E
C 2003/13 Admission of Observers word.gif (913 bytes) J0519E
C 2003/14 Appointment of Representatives of the FAO Conference to the Staff Pension Committee word.gif (913 bytes) J0014E
C 2003/15 No document    
C 2003/16 Strengthening Coherence in FAO Initiatives to Fight Hunger word.gif (913 bytes) J0710E
C 2003/17 International Year of Rice 2004 word.gif (913 bytes) J0136E
C 2003/18 Ministerial Round Table on the Role of Water and Infrastructure in Ensuring Sustainable Security
(Round Table I - 1 December 2003)
word.gif (913 bytes) J0690E
C 2003/19 Ministerial Round Table on Developments in the WTO Negotiations on Agriculture and Implications for Food Security - including the Work of FAO (Round Table II - 2 December 2003) word.gif (913 bytes) J0691E
C 2003/20 Ministerial Round Table on the Dimension of Food Safety in Food Security
(Round Table III - 3 December 2003)
word.gif (913 bytes) J0634E
C 2003/21 Progress Report on the Implementation of the International Plan of Action to Prevent, Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) Fishing word.gif (913 bytes) J0403E
C 2003/INF/Series
C 2003/INF/1 Report of Informal Meeting of Observers from International non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) word.gif (913 bytes) J1050E
C 2003/INF/2 Guide on Conduct of Plenary Meetings word.gif (913 bytes) Y8737E
C 2003/INF/3 Provisional List of Delegates and Observers     J1024*
C 2003/INF/4 Provisional List of Documents word.gif (913 bytes) J0452E
C 2003/INF/5
Statement of the Director-General word.gif (913 bytes) J1032E
C 2003/INF/6 Presentation of the B.R. Sen Awards
(2002 and 2003)
word.gif (913 bytes) J0779E
C 2003/INF/7 Presentation of A.H. Boerma Award
word.gif (913 bytes) J0664E
C 2003/INF/8 Presentation of the Edouard Saouma Award
word.gif (913 bytes) J0566E
C 2003/INF/9 23rd McDougall Memorial Lecture   J1019E
C 2003/INF/10 International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture word.gif (913 bytes) J0526E
C 2003/INF/11 Report on the XII World Forestry Congress word.gif (913 bytes) J0784E
C 2003/INF/12 Extracts from Council Reports    
C 2003/INF/13 Status of Contributions and Arrears at 4 December 2003 word.gif (913 bytes) J1166E
C 2003/INF/14 Implementation of 2002 Regional Conference Recommendations word.gif (913 bytes) J0509E
C 2003/INF/15 FAO Members, Council Members, Members of the Council Committees and of the World Food Programme Executive Board word.gif (913 bytes) J0520E
C 2003/INF/16 Statement of Competence and Voting Rights Submitted by the
European Community (EC) and its Member States (MS)
word.gif (913 bytes) J1029E
C 2003/INF/17 Multilateral Treaties Deposited with the Director-General (Status as at 31 August 2003) word.gif (913 bytes) J0423E
C 2003/INF/18 Notification of Membership in the Open Committees of the Council 2004-2005 word.gif (913 bytes) J0404E
C 2003/INF/19 Report on the Development of a Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM) word.gif (913 bytes) J0464E
C 2003/INF/20 Report on Progress Towards Ratification And Entry into Force of the Rotterdam Convention on the Prior Informed Consent Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade word.gif (913 bytes) J0466E
* Not available in electronic version


  C 2003/REP Report of the Conference of FAO
Thirty-second Session
Rome, 29 November - 9 December 2003


Previous Sessions (available on this website):  C 31; C 30; C 29

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