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107th Session of the Finance Committee
and Joint Meeting with the Programme Committee

Rome,  10 - 18 May 2004

For interested readers some selected documents are available on this website.

Provisional List of documents Download ID
FC 107/1 Provisional Agenda J1945E
FC 107/1-Sup.1 Provisional Agenda J1945E
FC 107/1-Add.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda J2098E
FC 107/2 Annual Report on Budgetary Performance and Programme and Budgetary Transfers J2060E
FC 107/3 Financial Highlights and Status of Current Assessments and Arrears J2083E
FC 107/4 Report on Support Costs Expenditure and Related Income Recoveries J2099E
FC 107/5 Report on Investments 2003 J1990E
FC 107/6 2003 Annual Activity Report of the Office of the Inspector-General J1842E
FC 107/7
PC 91/INF/3
Oversight Framework on the Use of Extra-Budgetary Funds J2117E
FC 107/8 Progress Report on Implementation of the External Auditor’s Recommendations J2106E
FC 107/9 Programme of Work of the External Auditor for 2004-2005 J2054E
FC 107/10 Separate VFM Reports from the External Auditor J2076E
FC 107/11 Limitation on the Term of Office of the External Auditor J2128E
FC 107/12 Status Report on HLCM Working Group on Accounting Standards J2061E
FC 107/13 FAO’s Medical Insurance Schemes J2087E
FC 107/14
PC 91/3
JM 04.1/2
Adjustments to the Programme of Work and Budget 2004-05

(Additional Information)
FC 107/15 Report on the Use of Arrears J1980E
FC 107/16 Action Plan on Recruitment from Under-Represented Countries J2174E
FC 107/17 Statistics on Human Resources J1946E
FC 107/18 Decisions of the General Assembly on ICSC and UN Joint Staff Pension Board (including Changes in Salary Scales and Allowances) J1955E
FC 107/19 Progress Report on Administrative Information Systems J2026E
FC 107/20 Audited Biennial Accounts 2002/2003 (including Audit Opinion and the Long-form Report)
- Section I
- Section II
- Section III

FC 107/21 Consolidated Financial Report J2289E
FC 107/21-Corr.1 Corrigendum to document FC 107/21 J2289E
FC 107/24a)
PC 91/8
Possible New Format for the Programme Implementation Report J2020E
FC 107/24b) Update on the WFP Management Plan,
FC 107/24c) Report of the Inspector General J2247E
FC 107/INF - Series
FC 107/INF/1 Provisional Timetable J2210E


Rome, 12 May 2004
JM 04.1/1 Provisional Agenda of the Joint Meeting of the Programme and Finance Committees J1981E
JM 04.1/2
PC 91/3
FC 107/14
Adjustments to the Programme of Work and Budget 2004-05

(Additional Information)
JM 04.1/3 Savings and Efficiencies in Governance: Meetings of the Committee on Commodity Problems (CCP) and the Committee on Agriculture (COAG) J2041E
*Not available in electronic version
CL 127/8 Report of the Joint Meeting of the Programme Committee and the Finance Committee
(Rome, 12 May 2004)
CL 127/14 Report of the 107th Session of the Finance Committee
(Rome, 10-18 May 2004)


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