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Hundred and fifteenth Session of the Finance Committee
and Joint Meeting with the Programme Committee

Rome, 25 - 29 September 2006

List of DocumentsDownloadID
FC 115/1 Provisional Agenda J8207E
FC 115/1 Add.1 Provisional Annotated Agenda J8207E
FC 115/2 Financial Highlights and Status of Current Assessments and Arrears J8210E
FC 115/3b * Audited Accounts - FAO Credit Union 2005   J8051E
FC 115/3c * Audited Accounts - FAO Commissary 2005   J8077E
FC 115/4 Access by Members to Reports of the Office of the Inspector-General J8265E
FC 115/5 Inception Report of the Independent External Evaluation of FAO J8276E
FC 115/6 FAO Audit Committee (Internal) - Annual Report to the Director-General for 2005 J8085E
FC 115/8 Measures to Improve the Organization's Cash Shortage Situation J8205E
FC 115/9 Proposed Arrangements for Selection and Appointment of the External Auditor J8151E
FC 115/10 Annual Report on Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Activities J8139E
FC 115/10 Corr.1 Annual Report on Special Fund for Emergency and Rehabilitation Activities J8139E
FC 115/11 Adoption of International Public Sector Accounting Standards J8204E
FC 115/12 Progress Report on Actuarial Valuation of the Staff-Related Liabilities J8272E
FC 115/14 Report on Support Costs Expenditure and Recoveries J8273E
FC 115/15 Report on Human Resource Management Issues J8242E
FC 115/16 Recommendations and Decisions of the ICSC and UN Joint Staff Pension Board to the General Assembly and Change in Salary Scales and Allowances J8218E
FC 115/18 Review of Translation Services in FAO J8206E
FC 115/19 Progress Report on Administrative Information Systems J8277E
FC 115/INF - Series   
FC 115/INF/1 Provisional Timetable J8249E
C 2007 - Series   
C 2007/5 A Audited Accounts FAO 2004-2005 J7962E
C 2007/5 B Audited Accounts FAO 2004-2005 J8281E
C 2007/8 Programme Implementation Report 2004-2005 (PIR) J8013E
C 2007/8 Programme Implementation Report 2004-2005 (PIR) - Additional Information  
CL 131 - Series   
CL 131/18 Implementation of Conference Decisions and Proposals from the Director-General J8133E
CL 131/18 Additional Information  
CL 131/INF/9 JIU/REP/2005/8: Further Measures to Strengthen United Nations System Support to the New Partnership for Africa's Developmemt (NEPAD) J8145E
CL 131/INF/13 Oversight Lacunae in the UN System (JIU/REP/2006/2) J8267E
JM 06.2/1 Rev. 1 Provisional Agenda J8018E
JM 06.2/3 Funding the General Service Salary Survey Result in 2006-07 J8285E

* No electronic version available

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