FAO in Armenia

FAO supports conflict-affected people in Armenia

©FAO/Ani Grigoryan

Yerevan, Armenia – Today, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the RA Ministry of Economy endorsed the project document during the virtual signing ceremony, thus announcing the official launch of the emergency assistance project to support vulnerable groups affected by the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict in Armenia. At all stages of the project implementation, FAO will closely cooperate with the RA Ministry of Economy and the RA Food Safety Inspection Body, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, local self -government bodies aiming to provide rapid response in support to Government's interventions.

With a total budget of 350,000 USD, support packages will be provided to beneficiary families that include feed for animals, agricultural tools and equipment, fertilizers, vegetable seeds, and materials needed to build or renovate henhouses.

"This project is one of the important components of our continuous cooperation between the Ministry and FAO, and we must work together to ensure that the support provided to farmers is not only transparent and targeted but is also in due time. The Ministry is ready to support the rapid implementation of this project," said Arman Khojoyan, Deputy Minister of Economy of Armenia.

The project also includes a component of capacity development of beneficiaries, farmers, government staff and NGOs to raise public awareness, deepen practical knowledge, better emergency response, which will allow them to reorient themselves more quickly and recover from the crisis.

Specially defined criteria will be used to select the project beneficiaries, focusing mainly on women, children and the elderly, and families hosting the displaced persons.

"The project is part of the UN Response plan to the conflict, and it will be targeting the vulnerable people affected by the conflict with the immediate needs, particularly also related to their livestock, but more support is needed for the upcoming agricultural season" said Raimund Jehle, FAO representative in Armenia.