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Regional Workshop on Forest Assessment and Monitoring in South and South-East Asia

Bangladesh Forest Information System BFIS

International Day of Forest 2019: Forest and Education

Bangkachao District: The Green Lungs of Bangkok



E-agriculture in action: Big data for agriculture.
83 p.

Digital agriculture relies on quality data to gather information, improve decision-making, enable innovative services & enhance information exchange.

Policy Brief. Combatting micronutrient deficiencies through home gardens in Sri Lanka

8 p.

Cultivation, harvesting & consumption of under-utilized food crops in home gardens can reduce micronutrient deficiencies.

Policy Brief. Pulses: A nutrient powerhouse to combat malnutrition

12 p.

Despite their enormous positive nutritional qualities & benefits to the environment, pulses ae underutilized in Sri Lanka.

Policy Brief. Food prices: an effective way of shifting diets towards healthier habits in Sri Lanka

12 p.

Food prices have an enormous potential to shift diets of consumers towards more healthy options.

The third Asia-Pacific Forest Sector Outlook Study (APFSOS III)

356 p.

Asia-Pacific's forests & landscapes are rapidly changing and a sustainable future is possible.

Women’s land rights and agrarian change: Evidence from indigenous communities in Cambodia

60 p.

The focus is on a nuanced analysis of the situation in Ratanakiri Province.

Rice-fish Farming System Practices in Irrigated Urban Farming, Pasuruan – Indonesia. Rice-fish and vegetables

2 p.

This case study describes the integrated system of growing rice and fish together is one of the concepts of the ‘Save and Grow’ approach to rice farming. 

Learning is a two-way street: Clarin National High School, Province of Misamis Occidental, Philippines

2 p.

This case study documents the experience of Clarin National High School, which is an active partner in the Farmer Field School on Save and Grow (FFS-S&G) program.

Rice-fish Farming System Practices in Irrigated Urban Farming, Pasuruan – Indonesia

2 p.

Sandy Obsioma is a young farmer who welcomes the use of new technologies and combines these with more traditional farming methods

Combatting and eliminating illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing in the Asia-Pacific region

12 p.

The brochure gives an overview of what IUU is, why it persists and then the brochure details the work of FAO in Asia and Pacific against IUU fishing and how it can be eliminated.

Resilient islands, resilient communities - Kiribati

6 p.

A summary of the project work to improve biodiversity conservation and landscape level management to enhance socio-ecological resilience to climate variability and change in Kiribati.

Policy Brief - Indigenous livestock and poultry to alleviate under-nutrition among women and children in rural farm-households of Sri Lanka

12 p.

The brief analyzes the connection of smallholder raising and consumption of livestock and poultry with nutritional status and health.

The Voluntary Guidelines: Securing our rights - Mongolia

24 p.

This brochure summarizes the process of revising Mongolian land tenure legislation.

Handbook for Farmer Field School on climate smart agriculture in upland/hill zone of Chin State, Myanmar

92 p.

This document reports on a project to facilitate & strengthen sustainable land management, sustainable forest management & climate-smart agriculture.

ရေဆင်းစိုက်ပျိုးရေးတက္ကသိုလ် ဘွဲ့ကြို၊ဘွဲ့လွန် သင်တန်းများတွင် ထည့်သွင်းသင်ကြားမည့် ရာသီဥတုနှင့် လိုက်လျောညီထွေသော စိုက်ပျိုးရေး သင်ရိုးညွှန်းတမ်း
30 p.

Dynamic development, shifting demographics and changing diets
172 p.

The story of the rapidly evolving food system in Asia and the Pacific and why it is constantly on the move.

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2018 Asia-Pacific Regional Overview of Food Security and Nutrition

96 p.

During the last three years, progress at reducing undernourishment has slowed tremendously in Asia and the Pacific. After years of gains in combatting hunger, progress has stagnated in all parts of this vast region.

Mobi e-book for kindle | epub e-book for I-pad