Fishery Committee for the Eastern Central Atlantic (CECAF)

Working Groups

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In 2000, the CECAF Scientific Sub-Committee established three permanent Working Groups to address small pelagic species, demersal species, and artisanal fisheries. The Working Groups meet as required and on an intersessional basis.

The general objective for the small pelagic and demersal Working Groups is:

To assess the state of these resources within the CECAF area and make recommendations on fisheries management and exploitation options aimed at ensuring optimal and sustainable use of fish resources for the benefit of coastal countries.

The general objective for the artisanal fisheries Working Group is to improve regional knowledge on small-scale fisheries in CECAF member countries.

The Working Groups collate data and information about the fisheries resources and conduct stock assessments to analyze the state of the fish stocks. Using both traditional statistical analyses and considering other scientific information known about the stocks, the Working Groups determine if the stocks are: not fully exploited, fully exploited, or overexploited.

The Scientific Sub-Committee reviews the results of the Working Group assessments and formulates management advice for the stocks, which are then endorsed by the Member Countries during the Committee sessions.