HLPE - 粮食安全和营养高级别专家组

2009年联合国世界粮食安全委员会(粮安委,CFS)进行了改革,目的是通过改善协调和政策一致性水平以及对各国和各区域提供支持和建议的方式提高国际 粮食安全和营养治理的有效性。改组后的粮安委成立了一个“粮食安全与营养高级别专家组”(高专组,HLPE),以便获取可靠的科学和以知识为基础的建议, 支持政策的制定,从而在知识与公共政策之间建立起相互联系。高专组由一个2010年7月任命的指导委员会领导。高专组的工作对粮安委的政策议程给予支持: 因此其各项报告应根据具体需求做出。它的任务还包括提高对新出现问题的认识。

20/02/2018 - 

The HLPE Steering Committee has reviewed the 255 candidatures that have participated to the open call to participate to the Project Team on Agroecological approaches and other innovations for sustainable agriculture and food systems that enhance food security and nutrition


The HLPE Steering Committee announces the appointment of the following 10 experts to carry out the studythat will feed into the CFS debates at its 46th session in 2019:

  • Fergus Lloyd Sinclair (UK, Project Team Leader)
  • Mary Ann Augustin (Australia)
  • Rachel Bezner-Kerr (Canada)
  • Dilfuza Egamberdieva (Uzbekistan)
  • Oluwole Abiodun Fatunbi (Nigeria)
  • Barbara Gemmill Herren (USA, Switzerland)
  • Abid Hussain (Pakistan)
  • Florence Mtambanengwe (Zimbabwe)
  • André Luiz Rodrigues Gonçalves (Brazil)
  • Alexander Wezel (Germany)

Short bios / expert profiles of the members can be downloaded here



28/04/2017 - 
06/05/2015 - 
2015 内容摘要和建议!
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