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المنتدى العالمي المعني بالأمن الغذائي والتغذية

Re: Eradicating extreme poverty: what is the role of agriculture?

Halimatou Baldeh
Halimatou BaldehFood Safety and Quality Authority of the GambiaGambia

2: The role of ensuring more sustainable natural resource management in supporting the eradication of extreme poverty? 

In order to eradicate extreme poverty by ensuring more sustainable natural resource management the first thing we as policy makers need to think about is how best to preserve our forest cover. In recent years the world has been experiencing scanty and unpredictable rain falls which are affecting agriculture in all ways. Governments need to put in policies that will discourage illegal logging and encourage more ways of preserving our forest. We need to encourage community foresting where by communities are given the full responsibilities of planting more trees and falling few ones.

Another strategy to be used in sustainable natural resource management is to encourage more organic farming.