JUST RELEASED: IPC-gFSC Guidance on “Global Standards for Collaboration at Country Level”

The global Food Security Cluster (FSC) is one of the 12 IPC Global Partners leading the development and implementation of IPC worldwide. The gFSC is active in supporting emergency coordination at national and sub-national level and IPC is one of the main tools for the gFSC at country level to inform food security response plans.

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See the attachment: 1_IPC-GSU-gFSC_Guidance-2016.pdf

Call for Papers: Rural Transformation, Agricultural and Food System Transition

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations invites the submission of papers to be presented during the technical conference on:

Rural Transformation, Agricultural and Food System Transition: Building the Evidence Base for Policies that promote Sustainable Development, Food and Nutrition Security and Poverty Reduction

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“What’s In a Name" an international webinar on different approaches to help people eat better

This two-hour webinar aims to reduce global misunderstanding about what we call the work we do. It will consist of short presentations of different approaches to help people eat better: Behaviour Change, Social Marketing, (Food and) Nutrition Education, and Health Promotion. Each presentation will defi ne one approach, describe its essential processes, differentiate it from other approaches, and list its key elements and principles. The audience will initially complete a mini-survey, and will comment, question, discuss and vote during the webinar.

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Supporting Women’s Land Rights: A Debate on the Gender Evaluation Criteria (GEC)

From 25 Jan.- 5 Feb., the Land Portal Foundation will be holding a debate on the Global Land Tool Network’s Gender Evaluation Criteria (GEC), which were created to assess the effectiveness of land tools in supporting women’s land rights. The discussion will focus on sharing best practices and lessons learned for supporting women’s land rights.

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