Action Against Desertification

A model to support the achievement of an “African dream”

Action Against Desertification features in Nature&Faune focused on renewed efforts for forest landscape restoration in Africa


RomeAction Against Desertification’s approach and results occupy a prominent place in the latest edition of Nature & Faune, as the journal zooms in on renewed efforts to accelerate restoration of degraded land and deforested landscapes in Africa.

“Forest loss and land degradation are among the key challenges facing sub-Saharan Africa”, wrote Bukar Tijani, FAO’s Assistant Director-General for Africa, in a message to the readers of the journal dedicated to wildlife, protected area management and the sustainable use and conservation of natural resources in Africa.

The “transformative model” of Africa’s Great Green Wall and lessons learnt from Action Against Desertification, Tijani noted, offer a valuable contribution to the achievement of an “African dream”: the restoration of 100 million hectares of degraded and deforested landscapes by 2030 under the Africa Forest Landscape Restoration Initiative, or AFR100.

In an extensive article, FAO Senior Forestry Officer Nora Berrahmouni and Action Against Desertification’s International Project Manager Moctar Sacande highlighted Action Against Desertification’s comprehensive restoration approach, its innovations and results, as well as the challenges lying ahead.  

The article “Africa’s Great Green Wall: a transformative model for rural communities’ sustainable development”, was published in Nature&Faune, Volume 32, Issue 1, pp 91-99.