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The Government of Italy started its basin-wide support to the Nile process in 1996 with project “Operational Water Resources Management and Information System in the Nile Basin Countries”. The project was implemented by the national Focal Point Institutions (FPI) in the participating Nile riparians. FAO provided technical and operational support. The project had a budget of 5.5 million US Dollars and ended in 1999. Its achievements include:

• Improved communication facilities.
• Establishment of GIS units at the FPIs.
• Upgraded satellite remote sensing equipment.
• Capacity building in technical, environmental, legal and institutional aspects of the shared Nile river basin.

Project GCP/INT/752/ITA “Capacity Building for Nile Basin Water Resources Management” was approved for funding by the Government of Italy in December 1999. Total budget amounted to 5.5 million US Dollars. The project completed its activities in November 2004. It focused on creating a common knowledge base and equal level of technical capacity as an essential stepping stone for equitable, sustainable, and efficient utilization of the shared water Nile waters. The main accomplishments include:

• Establishment of a transboundary hydro-meteorological monitoring network comprising of around 100 stations.
• Establishment of geo-referenced databases at the national FPIs.
• Development of the Nile Decision Support Tool (Nile DST).
• Training in legal and institutional aspects of water resources management issues.

Rehabilitating a monitoring station in Tanzania