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21 Jun 2016
A network of Civil Society Organizations around the world, with the technical support of FAO, issued this The People’s Manual on the Guidelines on Governance of Land, Fisheries and Forests in an effort to further the implementation at grassroot levels of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests  (VGGT). This manual is a pedagogical and didactic guide to ease people’s understanding of the Guidelines and to provide a practical approach on how to use them. The People’s Manual is based on the precepts of popular education and was elaborated through a collective and participatory...
30 Sep 2014
Please click on the link below to see the list of INGOs holding with formal status with FAO. If you would like to know what to do in order to request formal status, please contact us: fao-civilsociety@fao.org
10 Dec 2013
This note is meant to serve as a guide on how to ensure balance representation of Civil Society organizations in FAO activities or processes. Balanced representativeness of Civil society has four main components that need to be ensured and look at, these are: constituencies, geography, gender andgroups. By ensuring that these four components are taking into account during relevant discussions, FAO will ensure that whether from meetings or processes,...
18 Jul 2013
内容提要: 粮农组织多年来一直在技术工作、实地应急行动、培训 及能力建设和最佳 农作规范的倡导等方面,与几百家民间社 会组织(非政府组织、社区组织、专业 协会、网络等等)保持 合作。过去几年,民间社会组织在协调、结构、覆盖面、 动员 和宣传能力方面均有所提升。此间,粮农组织也经历了管理变 革,修订了自 身的《战略框架》,并加大了权力下放的力度。因 此,有必要对现有 1999 年版的 粮农组织《关于与非政府组织 和民间社会组织开展合作的政策和战略》进行一次 审查。 本《战略》中,民间社会指在粮农组织的使命相关 领域中开展工作的非公 共部门参与方。《战略》不涉 及与学术界、科研院所或慈善基金会的伙伴关系, 因为 将由粮农组织的其它相关文件对它们另做处理。 粮食生产者组织因其特殊性质以及与粮农组织使命的特殊 关联,将做另行 处理。原则上,因为它们通常以营利为目的,所以 将被归入私营部门战略,除非 这些组织表示出不同意愿,并符合民 间社会组织相关标准。此类案例均将单独逐 一处理。 本战略明确了六大合作领域以及原理不同、运作方式不同 的两个层面的互 动:全球-总部层面和权力下放层面(区域、国家 和地方)。本《战略》主要侧重 在权力下放层面与民间社会开展 合作。 在经过审议的《战略框架》中,粮农组织已明确 提出了消除贫困及粮食不 安全的五项战略目标。为 实现目标,粮农组织正在寻求扩大自身与同样致力于 此 类目标的民间社会组织之间的协作关系。