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Collaboration under Development with Forest and Farm Facility (FFF), a Project Hosted by FAO.


WAW Secretariat is developing a collaboration with Forest and Farm Facility (FFF), a project hosted by FAO.

FFF provides resources directly to FFPOs (Family Farming Producers’ Organizations) and offers a range of capacity-development services, including advocacy, information sharing, business incubation, access to financing and links to social services. These resources support FPPOs in improving livelihoods, while safeguarding the environment and responding to climate change.

Aim of the collaboration between WAW and FFF is to establish global and local information systems, which will provide up-to-date information on the structure and performance of the family farms and will help framing better policy and generating appropriate investment, contributing to the UNDFF goals. 

At the first stage, the main focus is on Bolivia.

More information about FFF is available here 

FFF Brochure is available here