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World Food Day

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the Director-General of FAO will be joined by the President of the Republic of Italy, and the Italian Ministers for Agriculture and Foreign Affairs for the official celebration of World Food Day 2015 at Expo Milano.

World Food Day at Expo Milano will be a unique opportunity to send a strong message to the Zero Hunger Generation and engage them in the challenge of sustainably eradicating hunger and poverty over the next 15 years.

Brochures, posters and a media kit have been prepared for you to download, print and share.

In recent years, around 150 million people have overcome extreme poverty thanks to social protection programmes.
Through cash transfers, vouchers, insurances and in-kind contributions, social protection programmes enhance the incomes of poor and vulnerable people. But how does this work?



Get inspired and send us your design for the WFD Poster Contest! Since its launch in 1991, this contest for children and youngsters from 5 and 17 has inspired hundreds of thousands across the globe.

Social Protection and agriculture: breaking the cycle of rural poverty

Either we build a future for all, or there will be no acceptable future for anyone: Let’s be the Zero Hunger Generation!